Tad’s Family Backyard Birthday

While we were missing some faces, we did manage to throw Tad a pretty respectable backyard BBQ birthday party this weekend!

The cousins always enjoy getting together and eating their weight in potato chips.  And I bought strawberry lemonade, which made Tad happy.

We also got to give Baby Cousin – who turned 5! – some presents of her own.

Tad was quite eager to tear into his birthday presents.  He got a lot of new books – he is very much into the “Who Is…?” series right now.

He also got lots of new clothes.  He might not end up wearing them to school (we’ve been told we will start the year online), but at least he will look good on the Zoom camera.

Per the birthday boy’s request, Auntie made chocolate cupcakes with cookies and cream buttercream – and Mandalorian helmets and mythosaur emblems on top.

And because Tad is Tad, he insisted on 15 candles being jammed on top of one cupcake.  Note to self: need full-size cake next year for candle purposes.

The party went extremely well, and I know that Tad had a great time.  Maybe we’ll just do another backyard BBQ next year, because the weather is almost guaranteed to be good and the cleanup was easy!

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