Old Van, New Van

Well, we finally did it!  We finally found and bought a new-to-us minivan!  We traded in our Honda Odyssey yesterday, since it needs a new transmission and it was just easier to let the dealership take it.

Easier for us, anyway.  For Tad, not so much.

We had owned this minivan since just before Tad’s first birthday.  He doesn’t remember life without it.  And he was very emotional at the end.

Proof yet again that change is a very hard thing for Tad.

But say hello to our new 2012 Toyota Sienna!

Tad hates it.  Rerun warmed up to it quickly.  Thumper did not care.  I think it’s great, and so does the Webmaster.

Ane was indifferent because she drives our Fiesta pretty exclusively.

We are a complicated family.

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