January 19, 2018

Flashback Friday


I always love looking at old pictures of Ane and Lina.  They were so cute and tiny!

Then they got all big.

And then they became teenagers.

They’ve been friends for over 10 years now, and next year, they will be at the same high school together!

January 18, 2018

Rerun Speaks – He Knows What Comes Next


Apparently, Rerun has all of my parenting phrases down. We were finishing up at the grocery store, and I told him to get in the car while I returned the cart. I came back to find him dancing around the exterior of the car.

Me: “RERUN!”

Rerun: (sees me) “Oh, there you are! I thought I was lost.”

Me: “I told you to get in the car. How did you think you were going to be lost?”

Rerun: “No, you’re supposed to say, ‘What part of that did you not understand?'”

I guess I’ve said that a few times.  Well played, kid.

January 17, 2018

Good News, Meh News


The good news is that after two and a half weeks off, Tad was FINALLY able to go back to therapy yesterday.  Thumper was able to go back last Friday.

The meh news is that the insurance mess, which has been endlessly more complicated than it should have been (and has now invoked the HR department at the Webmaster’s work), is not really over.  We have a temporary fix to the situation for the ABA therapy.  We are still waiting for progress on getting the speech therapy taken care of (speech falls under medical services, ABA therapy under mental health services, and never the twain shall meet).

The also meh news is that Tad, in his therapist’s words, is “completely dysregulated” at the moment.  All of his coping skills are shot.  More than two weeks with no therapy will do that to a kid who needs structure.

The good news: it can be fixed.  We just need to be in routine.

January 16, 2018

Art of the Week – Value and Perspective


When Tad was trying to describe what the lesson yesterday was about, he drew a blank and looked to his new teacher.  She said, “Tad, do you remember what I said during the class talk?”

“No,” he replied.

She looked at me with a smile.  “Well, at least he’s honest!”

The lessons were about value (the changing of the color from light to dark), and perspective (the view/angle).

In this case, the moon is the light, and then the kids mixed the shades darker with the blue and the black to create the night.  The picture is drawn as if you are looking up from the foot of the tree.


And then Tad added his little touches – the bats, the owl, the baby birds who apparently needed a midnight snack.

The class is a little smaller right now, but Tad is being a big help with the other kids (he’s significantly older than most of them).  I’m so proud of him.