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The Cool Backyard

Tuesday, August 25th, 2020

I’ve always wanted to be the house with the cool backyard. After talking the Webmaster into investing in the projector and building a frame for the screen, I think we have finally managed that.¬† Ane had her friends over tonight to watch a movie, which meant that they were all outside, hanging out together, eating […]

This Can’t Be Comfortable

Thursday, August 20th, 2020

Exhibit #361 of “Thumper Can Sleep Anywhere” My back just hurts looking at him. Also, reminder #1274 that our couch is in sorry shape and really needs to be replaced with something that isn’t splitting at the seams.

Tad’s Family Backyard Birthday

Monday, August 17th, 2020

While we were missing some faces, we did manage to throw Tad a pretty respectable backyard BBQ birthday party this weekend! The cousins always enjoy getting together and eating their weight in potato chips.  And I bought strawberry lemonade, which made Tad happy.

Tad’s Outdoor Movie Party

Thursday, August 13th, 2020

An outdoor movie night for a birthday party? In this day and age, Tad was thrilled! We kept the guest list small – so just Danny, Lane, and George came over – and had pizza in the backyard, while watching “Return of the Jedi” (Tad’s choice) on the big screen. And we all stayed outside, […]