February 10, 2020

Rerun’s Recorder Concert


Rerun’s 4th grade class had their music concert today, along with a couple of other 4th grade classes and one 3rd grade class.

Imagine over sixty kids playing recorders, xylophones, and drums.  You get the idea.  It actually wasn’t bad, and they kept it short (about 30 minutes).  Rerun did very well, played his recorder with everyone, but the kid has an internal rhythm that had him dancing when he wasn’t playing his recorder.

He really does dance to his own beat, but at least he has moves and CAN dance.  What I didn’t need was him looking at me between songs and mouthing “HI MOM, I’M BEHAVING” each time.

Oh well, I guess it’s better than the alternatives.

February 7, 2020

Flashback Friday


I can hardly believe that a year ago, we were deep (and I mean DEEP) in the grip of Snowmaggedon.

This last round of snow was nothing compared to THAT.  We nearly had two solid weeks off of school, plus midwinter break.

By the end, it was just ridiculous.  Plus all the makeup days made it worse.

I’m really glad that kind of snow is a once-every-ten-years-ish event around here.

February 6, 2020

Buying The Bags


I was shopping at Michaels with Rerun and Thumper, when I came across cute little sandwich-sized ziploc bags with Valentine print designs on them.

They even had spots for the “to” and “from” printed on the bag.

It was then that Rerun and I had an epiphany.

Elementary school kids do not care about stickers, pencils, or cute Valentine cards.  This is all about cold, hard CANDY.

So we’re cutting out the middleman this year and just doing bagged candy, because it’s what the public wants.

Plus, we’re cutting out having to seal down an envelope to hold candy, which is also a win.

February 5, 2020

A New Friend


This is Russell.

He belongs to some friends, and I’ve had the fun of “puppy-sitting” him a couple of times.  Mostly I come over, let him out of his kennel for a potty break and lunch, let him stretch his legs, and then I have to kennel him back up.

This is Russell, knowing he has to go back into the kennel, and not wanting to come out from under the dining room chair.

I finally had to pick the chair up and carry Russell back to his kennel, but he knows it wasn’t personal.