May 17, 2017

Art of the Week – May Flower


This week’s mediums were watercolors, colored pencils, and oil pastels!

It’s a lovely watercolor flower, with a bee drawn in colored pencil, with oil pastel accents (to look “fuzzy” around the pollen).

Even though this was supposedly drawn for Mother’s Day, it went into his art treasure chest. I guess I could ask for it…

May 16, 2017

Happiness Is…


… opening up your piggy bank, counting your money, and discovering that yes, you do have enough to get the LEGO Dimensions sets you’ve been wanting to buy.
LEGO dreams come true
Now, if he only possessed the persuasive powers to talk me into letting him play the Xbox on school nights…

May 15, 2017

Mother’s Day 2017 – Nothing’s Perfect


I tried, I really really tried, to get ONE nice picture of myself and the kids outside in natural light. This became too complicated when the boys whined about it being “too bright” out there. (It was overcast and began raining later.)

So we finally settled on taking a picture on the couch. No one sat still. I finally said, “FINE! Just beat each other up! That’s apparently what we do in real life!”

Ane rose to the challenge and smacked Tad.
The opening smack
This led to a full-out wrestling match between the older two, which the younger two wanted no part of.
Finally, the Webmaster threatened and bribed the kids to sit nicely and watch the funny cats on YouTube long enough to take the picture.
Mother's Day 2017
Happy Mother’s Day to me.

May 12, 2017

Flashback Friday


Grandma and Gichan are home, so Talli has moved back to her house as well.  It honestly feels a little lonely around here, not tripping over her giant dog body.

So today’s flashback is remembering when she was brand new to the family, still a young puppy, but already promising to be big.

Alert and looking

Thumper and Talli observe each other


After a week with Talli, Ane was reiterating that “if we get a dog, I want it to be smaller.  MUCH smaller.  Like a corgi!”