June 4, 2019

Homework Means You Work


Rerun has a project due at the end of this week.  His class is currently doing a biography report.  This seems to be part of the curriculum for 3rd grade, since Auntie’s class does this as well.  It’s not a super-intensive research project in her class, and it’s not in Rerun’s either.  Her kids give a short presentation to the class, where they can dress up as their subject.  Rerun’s class is supposed to construct, at home, a “biography bottle.”  The concept is easy enough – put a papier-mache or styrofoam head on a 2-liter bottle (using a straw or stick to hold the head on), and dress the head and bottle up to look like your biographical subject.

When we were chatting about this, Auntie recalled that her biography project in 3rd grade took place during Black History Month, so she picked Colin Powell.  I remembered that Ane did this in 3rd grade as well, but because her teacher was brand-new and fresh out of student teaching, she made the rookie mistake of allowing the kids to pick whoever they wanted – without insisting that everyone pick someone different.  Ane, to her sheepish recollection, along with about ten other kids, did her biography report on Taylor Swift.  (There were about five Justin Bieber reports as well, per Ane’s memory.  Like I said, rookie mistake.)  Tad did a biography report in 4th grade, but had to make a poster.  He did it all at school, and got to print it up on the school’s color printer.  At his teacher’s direction (she understood him well), he did his report on Jacques Cousteau.

Rerun went completely in a different direction, and his pick surprised me, but maybe it shouldn’t have.  He chose to do his report on Galileo Galilei.

So, he and I made a trip to the craft store, and started working on the biography bottle.  This is where Rerun learned that I will direct, I will advise, but this is HIS homework.

Oh, and I am also in charge of the hot-glue gun.  For obvious reasons.

June 3, 2019

Best Game And Show


If you haven’t been following the Mariners this season, well…. it’s been rough.  This was billed as a “rebuilding year,” but the team got off to an insanely hot start.  Then it all came crashing down.

So, are we still going to the games?  Yes.  Are we hoping they will win?  Yes.  Are we really going for the swag and the fireworks shows?  Pretty much.

It was Star Wars night at the park on Friday evening, which meant… people in costume!

And it meant Thumper’s favorite music being played at the ballpark, which is a huge plus.

And this year, we had a fireworks show set to that music!

Thumper wore his noise-canceling headphones, which let him enjoy the lights without the booms.  I’m convinced that Thumper’s hearing is extraordinarily sharp and sensitive.  I think he hears too many things, which is why he enjoys the noise-canceling headphones.  It allows him to filter out the sounds he doesn’t like, and focus more on the things he wants to hear.  With the headphones on, the fireworks were no problem for him, and the music was plenty loud enough for him to hear it and recognize it.

AND… the Mariners won the game, so THAT was an even bigger deal, since it was the first win we’ve seen in person this season!

May 31, 2019

Flashback Friday


It’s fireworks night at the game tonight!  More importantly, it’s STAR WARS fireworks night!

And it’s the first fireworks show of the year.  Soon the park will be lit up, just like many times before… but the name will be different on the sign.

And with Thumper’s noise-canceling headphones in hand, we are all going to enjoy this fireworks show!

May 30, 2019

Thumper’s First Field Trip!


Today was the kindergarten field trip at Thumper’s school – and I got to go along as a chaperone!  Imagine two busloads full of wiggly kindergarteners, along with lots of parents, patient teachers, and a farm full of fun things to do.

That’s the name.  The place in Snohomish is literally called “The Farm.”  It’s a very popular destination during fall for a corn maze and picking pumpkins and getting apple cider, but they also do school field trips that are pretty fun for little kids.

The kindergarten classes got to go on a hayride, plant pumpkin seeds (aha, free child labor for the fall harvest season), pet sheep and newly-hatched chicks, go down a big slide (on burlap sacks for extra speed), and bounce on “the blob.”

“The blob” is an inflated, mounded trampoline.  The kids just loved it.  Thumper was a little confused at the beginning, because he’s used to flat trampolines.  This was something new for our jumper.  First, he just leaned against the side with his whole body.

As the other kids jumped, he got a ton of sensory feedback.  He was really enjoying it, but I wanted to get him up on it, and have him bounce.  I finally convinced him to scramble on up.  I thought he would start jumping with the other kids.

Thumper had other ideas.  He sat down on top, letting his body absorb the motion.  He was a happy picture of zen amidst the jumping frenzy.

I love this picture because he looks like he is levitating.  Gichan saw it and said, “Hey, he’s Doctor Strange!”

The field trip was a huge success, and Thumper had such a good time that he fell asleep on the bus on the way back to school.  No surprise there!