January 13, 2020

Welcome To Snowpocalypseburg


Well, this scene looks familiar.

School was put on a two-hour delay on Sunday night because of how much snow had fallen already, and the fact that it was getting into the 20’s through the night.  It was COLD.

So it was no shock to us that there was no school today.  So we’re starting this snow day with pancakes, and The Empire Strikes Back.

Rerun is finally getting the pancakes he’s been dreaming of ALL YEAR, plus a snow day to boot!

Now, I just need to dig up all that snow gear…

January 10, 2020

Flashback Friday


There is snow in the forecast for next week.

*sudden flashback to being buried in the house with no school for a good chunk of February last year*

Will it be quite this dramatic?

Highly unlikely, but….. I went to Costco yesterday, just to make sure that we had the basics for the next week.  Better safe than sorry?

Unfortunately, everyone else had the same idea, so I did have quite a walk across the parking lot…

January 9, 2020

New Sweatshirts!


The best part of Auntie having a Silhouette is the custom vinyl cutouts that she can make, and then press on to shirts and sweatshirts for the kids.

Each of the boys got one this Christmas.  Tad got a new Batman hoodie, but the little boys got ones that you just can’t find in stores (at least in their sizes).

And they’re just perfect for each of them!

January 8, 2020

Worn Out


The first day back at school kind of took all the ginger out of Thumper.

I really thought he would sleep in, but he and Rerun woke up at 6 am, when Ane was getting ready for school.  We told them to stay in bed.  By 7 am, we finally gave up any hope of them staying in bed.  (YOU WILL REGRET ALL THE SLEEP YOU MISSED OUT ON SOMEDAY – JUST ASK YOUR SISTER AND BROTHER.)

Thumper was a happy camper at school, and then happily came home early for his regular ABA session… and then crashed hard on my shoulder before dinner.  Oops.

He slept in until 8 am the next day.  Smart kid.