April 13, 2018

Spring Break Recap: Day 4


Tad said to me, “Mom, I’m too fluffy.  Can I have a haircut?”

So Tad and I got haircuts Thursday morning (mine was already scheduled, so I just called the salon to get Tad an appointment at the same time), and then we mostly just puttered around home, doing some chores, until it was time for swimming lessons in the evening.

This was probably our calmest and least planned out day of the week.

Tomorrow, we have appointments spaced out, and then…. our first Mariners game of the season!!!

So in the spirit of Flashback Friday, here’s a picture:

I promise there will be new pictures after this weekend!

April 12, 2018

Spring Break Recap: Day 3


Why are Wednesdays always the day I give myself the most chaos?

Thumper had ABA, Tad had speech – so I thought, “why not have company for dinner?”

Our dear friends Gracie and L. and their parents are in town, home for a few months on sabbatical, and we’ve finally found some time to have them over for dinner.  Once dinner was over, Ane suggested a game of Scattergories.  Everybody except our boys participated, but everyone was ready for chocolate cake and ice cream, even if people were playing a game.

We had a great time (despite the squabbling that the boys insisted on carrying on with), and it just proves that sometimes, chaos works out okay.

April 11, 2018

Spring Break Recap: Day 2


It rained in the morning.  A lot.  And while I let the boys get a later start than usual, I was keeping an eye on the weather.  I had planned to spend a few hours at the zoo, rain or shine, before ABA this afternoon.  These children are from hardy Pacific Northwestern stock and are used to doing things in the rain.

But then the sky cleared and it was a gloriously sunny afternoon, with maybe a little extra wind tossed in.

With Ane away, the boys were…. relatively well-behaved, though we did have to have a few talks about who was in charge of the other person’s behavior.  Shocking, I know.

Thumper was also very chatty and engaged – and walked most of the time.  I am so glad to be able to go stroller-less and diaper bag-less at the zoo.

We saw most of our favorite things, but mostly just enjoyed getting outside for fresh air and sunshine.

Though apparently all of this wiped Tad out just a little too much, and he ended up with a migraine at the end of the day, poor kid.  Or it was motion sickness.  Either way, his head was hurting and he ended up vomiting.  I AM SO OVER THE VOMITING, KIDS.  Fortunately, we made it home first before that happened.

So, was that “too much excitement, too much happiness” (Tad’s words) in one day?  I doubt it.  But we’ll take it slightly easier today.

April 10, 2018

Spring Break Recap: Day 1


There was sleeping in.

And then there was speech therapy for Thumper, and Ane finally emerged from her bedroom at *cough* 10:30 *cough* while her brothers had been up and going for quite a while.

Then I had a meeting, and needed to make a shopping run to Costco, while Ane managed to contain her brothers.

Tad had art class, but since it was spring break, it was just an open art time and he just drew Batcaves and Bat-vehicles to his heart’s content.

Once class was over, we went to Elevated Sportz for jump night – which Rerun nearly canceled by vomiting up his entire dinner before we even got started.  He was fine – a victim, yet again, of motion sickness.

Everyone had a good time jumping – Danny and John met us there, along with their mom – and then the kids, knowing it was spring break, begged for a trip to Menchies.  The moms conceded the point.

So far, the kids approve of Spring Break.

Then Ane took off to spend some time with Lina (with a last-minute invitation), so she’ll be away for a day and a half.  The boys and I will carry on without her.