August 11, 2017

Flashback Friday


Today is the day of Tad’s “kid” birthday party!  And yes, it’s at Pump It Up.  Again.  Tad does not believe in messing with a good thing.

Here’s the proof….

2011 (age 6)

2012 (age 7)

2013 (age 8)

2014 (age 9, and I’ll never be able to top this one)

2015 (age 10)

2016 (age 11)

What does this year hold?  We shall see….

August 10, 2017

Birthday Fever


Tad was just standing over my shoulder.  “Mom, how many more days until my birthday?”

I made him do the math.  He hates that.

He is really looking forward to it.  I wish he’d stop growing.

(And yes, this year’s theme is The LEGO Batman Movie.  I wasn’t going to be able to get away from that one.)

August 9, 2017

Camp Recap


Camp came to an end last Friday, and it was a very good experience for both boys.

In the 25 days of camp, they…
– went through 4 and a half bottles of spray sunscreen
– went on 5 field trips
– played 3 different sports (baseball, dodgeball, and kickball)
– brought home dozens of little prize toys
– popped at least 5 balloons between them (also from the prize bin)

In the 25 days of camp, I….
– drove at least 1000 miles (probably closer to 1800, if I’m being honest.  Camp was nearly 20 miles from home, and most days I had to go home after dropping the boys off because Thumper had home therapy)
– drank many cups of coffee
– attended 4 parent coaching sessions for ADHD kids (these sessions are actually continuing through August)
– ate out far too often
– saw many, many, MANY bad drivers

The boys were definitely apprehensive about camp when it started, but loved it by the time it ended.  Tad was quite emotional by the time he was saying good-bye to his counselors, and said “My eyes are filling with water,” while he struggled not to cry.

And now, the boys are feeling like they are at loose ends until school starts.  The first thing they tried to do on Monday – the first day with no camp and nowhere to be – was have a wrestling match that ended in tears.

School starts September 6th.  In case anyone happens to be counting down.

August 8, 2017

Tad Speaks – When There Is No Schedule


Day 1 out of camp… was not particularly successful.  Ane, at least, had a babysitting job and was then helping out at church.  The boys had nothing.  No camp, no therapy, no Xbox (weekends only in our house, even in summer).

The day was broken up by a trip to Costco, and dinner with Friend and Doc and the boys (which actually meant the table was clear of LEGO sets for the first time in a month).  But Tad was clearly at loose ends without a schedule – to the point of driving his sister bananas.  Finally, Ane cried, “What is WRONG with you???”

“I’m set for self-destruct!” Tad yelled back.

That was a little too close to the truth, honestly.