June 18, 2018

Interior Wall Framing!


I can see through a wall, and I don’t even have superpowers!


What you see here will eventually be the dividing wall between the bonus room and the laundry room.  This wall will have the toilet on the far end (see the plumbing hole?), some kind of counter/cabinet space in the middle, and the freezer on the far end.

Even Thumper was impressed with all the goings-on.

Actually, what he liked best was walking between the wall studs and giggling.  It’s like an indoor jungle gym with juuuuuuust a touch of danger involved (please watch out for loose nails!).

This week…. the electrician will arrive!  YAY!

June 15, 2018

8th Grade Party!


Believe it or not (I am certainly having a hard time with this), Ane is just about to finish 8th grade.

Which meant that it was time for a party!  A real dress-up party!

She and her friends had a great time at the party – we heard that the food was great (Italian buffet), the entertainment was funny (a magician from America’s Got Talent), and that even though it rained the whole night, they were inside and the location (a local golf course with country club) was very nice.

Next fall, I will have a freshman in high school….  and a kindergartener.

I am not prepared for this!!!

June 14, 2018

Back To Waiting…. Maybe


So, there will be no available electrician until…. drumroll…. next week.


Apparently we will just carry on with some interior framing until then.

But here’s a little gem from Rerun…. we were watching Star Wars clips on YouTube.

Rerun: “Mom, do you know what Artoo’s middle name is?”
Me: “No…”
Rerun: “Hyphen!”

June 13, 2018

Art Of The Week – Making A Mask


It was the last class of the school year (boooo), which meant the kids were finishing up their two-week papier-mâché project, and painting the masks that they had made.

Tad, being Tad, had sculpted a shark design onto his mask.  He didn’t highlight it all when painting it, so it’s not too clear unless you see it in person, but the tail was right over the mouth.

There was also glitter.  SO MUCH GLITTER.

This year in art class has been a tough one for Tad.  Everyone has tried really hard to make things as easy as possible following the sudden death of Tad’s beloved teacher last November, and I think things will be easier next year, when the class doesn’t try to start over in the middle of the school year.  Tad has really bonded with his new teacher, and even though the teacher’s assistant is going to be leaving (she’s graduating from high school and off to college in the fall – congratulations, Miss E!), and the studio will be moving, there will be enough familiarity to give Tad assurances.

And there will be art.  Tad’s parting words to his new teacher – “I’ll see you in the fall!”