December 11, 2018

Grown-Up Christmas Party


The Webmaster’s company had their Christmas party last weekend, so we dressed up and left the kids behind!

There have been better Christmas parties (especially at this company – the venue was VERY LOUD AND YOU COULD BARELY HEAR THE PERSON NEXT TO YOU), but the time away was very nice.  We actually were able to walk through Lincoln Center to a coffee bar that I’ve never been to before, and got a very decadent mocha that was a better dessert than the mini cheesecakes that they served at the party.

Oh, and we left Ane and KT in charge of the boys for the evening.  They had pizza and Christmas DVDs.  The boys were all tucked into bed before we got home.  I brought the girls some quality ice cream and they watched “The Princess Bride” because KT had never seen it before.  Then they spent the night on an air mattress in the bonus room, so they got a sleepover out of the babysitting job.  And we got cheap babysitters.


December 10, 2018

Friends At Christmas


Sometimes, those spontaneous get-togethers are just the best.

I got a text on Friday evening from Danny’s mom, asking if Tad and I could meet them at the Christmas lights at our church.  We weren’t doing anything important, so why not?

Tad and Danny are standing under the snow machine, which goes off every 20 minutes or so and showers everyone under it with tiny little frozen pellets.  It’s fun when you can’t order the real thing on demand!

The boys roamed around, ate a cookie, looked at the miniature train display, had some cocoa, did some more roaming around, and generally just enjoyed some time together, while their mothers talked and talked and talked and talked.  (The boys were kind of in awe of how much we could say to each other.  Sorry, guys.)

I love it when a spontaneous idea turns into a fun evening!

December 7, 2018

Flashback Friday


I am in full cookie baking mode right now, and I came across these pictures which are… 12 years old!  WHAT?!?!??

Look at tiny little Ane!  She was almost 3 years old!

And to prove that I had much more patience when I had only two children, here is little Tad, who got his own chunk of dough to play with.  This particular gingerbread dough is eggless, so it was safe for him to eat.  Which he did.


They were so little.

I used to have so much more energy and ingenuity.

But if we had stopped with two kids, life around here would have been a lot more boring.  (Definitely quieter, though….)

December 6, 2018

O Christmas Tree 2018


Here is our tree, in all its decorated glory.

Each kid got their new ornament to hang on the tree (though Thumper could not even pretend to care about hanging ornaments in the least) as their first gift of the Christmas season.

Ane got the next ornament in the Hallmark cupcake series:

Tad got the LEGO Joker to go with his LEGO Batman… and he promptly set up a chase scene on the tree.

Rerun got R2-D2 and Porgs from “Star Wars: The Last Jedi.”

And Thumper got Chip and Dale – who he does know and like… he just doesn’t “get” tree decorating.

And I got this very special ornament, made by Gichan, with a souvenir pin that I picked up during our trip to Hawaii.

The kids have so many ornaments between them now, I might have to switch out the storage boxes and let them have the bigger one…