Take me out to the ballgame!

Oooh, look at that!Well, the team’s lack of hitting sucks, but the experience was wonderful for Baby Boy.

Every season, Friend, Doc, the Webmaster and I get tickets for at least a few games. When we were childless (and therefore, had a bigger amount of disposable income), we went to a game a month during the season. The Brain was born near the end of a season, and by the time the next season began, he gamely went along with us. Four adults, one baby, not a problem. The Munchkin was born in December of 2003 (off-season), and Head was born 3 months later. I think we took all three kids to a game once. Then began the need to find a baby-sitter. First it was just the Brain, but pretty soon it became apparent to us that the Munchkin and Head needed to join the ranks of the baby-sat.

This last Saturday was the first game of the season that we took in. It was also Dan Wilson Farewell Night, which is why I insisted on this particular game. Unfortunately, the timing was bad. My mother and Auntie are visiting my sister-in-law and my new baby niece, and this robbed me of my usual (free) baby-sitters. So, Friend and Doc procured a sitter, and we left three kids at their place, and took Baby Boy along. Since he is such a friendly, cuddly baby, who loves to crawl but isn’t a big squirmer, he was the only one that we could take along without too many problems.

So, with a Baby Bjorn, a loaded diaper bag, and an infant Mariners hat, we took our son to his very first baseball game. And he had a blast. This kid, besides being a trooper, is such a sweet baby that he instantly charmed anyone who was sitting near us with his drooly, four-tooth smile. He is also an incorrigible flirt, and would smile and talk to any woman within ten feet of us (this is his father coming out in him).Mommy and JT at the game

He did get kind of restless at one point, so I took him for a walk (why not? It’s not like we were winning or anything) down to the fountain and children’s play area. At Safeco Field, this is located in center field, and since we were sitting in the left field bleachers, it was a short walk. He loved seeing all the kids, and spent so much time just looking. It was if his little eyes were just trying to take it all in.

As I said, the offense was pathetic and we lost, 3-0. But the experience was well worth it for our little boy. Although next time, he’ll be staying with Grandma and Auntie with his sister so Mommy and Daddy can have an “adults only” game.

3 Responses to “Take me out to the ballgame!”

  1. Laurie
    April 10th, 2006 11:28

    No, we never took all 3 kids to the game. I like scoring the game too much to handle that many kids. 🙂

  2. Oddball
    April 10th, 2006 13:56

    I just hope we can catch a M’s game down here when they play the Rangers. Also do the M’s play Houston ever in regular season?

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