Take us out to the ballgame!

It was time for a family adventure.  And Ane’s school PTA had bought a block of tickets for yesterday’s Mariners game.  So the Webmaster and I decided to get tickets – and that we ALL would go.

And then we held our breath.  Because taking Ane and Tad to a ballgame is very different from just taking Rerun to his first baseball game.

Friend, Doc, the Brain and Head also bought tickets and went along (Rupert got to stay at home with Best-Babysitter), I packed a kid-friendly lunch of Uncrustables, chocolate milk, fruit snacks and granola bars, and after first service at church, we came home, changed clothes, and drove into Seattle for the game.

Ane and Tad did quite well, and we tried to keep them busy by getting them a playtime (with the Brain and Head) at the Children’s Hospital Playfield out in center field, sending them out for walks with adults to buy food/treats, and feeding them lunch.

I had packed 4 Uncrustables for my kids.  Tad ate three of them.  The boy does love himself some peanut butter.

Ane takes watching the game very seriously.  She gets upset when the other team scores, and her favorite player is Ichiro.

And Rerun?  He spent most of the game asleep, just like this:

We bought him a Mariners hat of his very own – Tad had an infant ball cap that he wore to his first game, but when I tried it on Rerun, it was HUGE.  Tad was almost eight months old at his first Mariners game, though.  So Rerun can wear that hat later.  He got a printed Mariners baby beanie cap, which is still pretty big on him.  But he was really cute in it!

Sadly, after a promising start, the M’s lost to the Tigers, 4-2.  Which is typical.  The Mariners have never won a game when we’ve brought one of the kids for their “first” game.  However, since the Webmaster is employed this baseball season, I think Rerun will have lots more chances to work his charms at the ballpark.

His sister and brother, though… next time, they get to stay home.  I think we can only handle all three kids at the game once a season.  We do actually like to watch the game, you know.

3 Responses to “Take us out to the ballgame!”

  1. Ressis
    April 19th, 2010 06:57

    Uncrustables are only “kid-friendly” when the kid is question is not allergic to peanuts. I’m just saying. . .

  2. Nana
    April 20th, 2010 05:59

    Yea Mariners! Glad you were there.

  3. Aunt Mary
    April 20th, 2010 14:13

    Was this taken during the nationsal anthem? He looks so serious and his hand is over his heart. 🙂