A mixed bag

Item 1: We (thankfully) have power, and now the cable is even back! AND we were able to DVR a repeat of Battlestar Galactica! (See, we have our priorities straight.) But my parents are still powerless. Stupid Puget Sound Energy. Did everyone realize that my parents live in rural Woodinville, according to the power company? (For those of you unfamiliar with the area, this is a huge joke.) If the outage continues through this afternoon, my mother is coming over to my house to do laundry. And Auntie may spend the night. It’s freezing temperatures at night here now, so no heat at bedtime is a bad thing. Auntie would also say that no Internet access is a bad thing as well, and she’s out of school now on Christmas break, so she can stay here quite easily.

Item 2: Little Cousin and her mommy are on their way home today. They were supposed to leave Friday, but then the storm hit. We’ve enjoyed the extra time with them, but I think they’ll be happy to get home to Texas, where the power is on. The Munchkin and Tad will miss Little Cousin a lot.

Item 3: One week until Christmas, and I am desperately trying to start/continue/finish a project that I should have done months ago. Where did the time go? I was much more organized last year, and I’m not sure how I did that with a 2 year old and a 4 month old. Now, with a near 3 year old and a 16 month old, I get next to nothing done. There is no logic to this!!!

Anyway, when the Munchkin’s first Christmas rolled around, she was 2 days shy of her first birthday. (And we’re still taking contest entries, people!) The Webmaster and I are both fortunate enough to have all four of our grandmothers still living, though none of our biological grandfathers are (I have a wonderful step-grandfather that I call my Grandpa). So, because grandmothers are notoriously hard to shop for, and to show off my crafty skills, I made a 6×6 scrapbook of photos from the Munchkin’s first year for each of her great-grandmothers, even though it wasn’t technically over at that point.

It was a HUGE hit. What great-grandma doesn’t love pictures of a beloved great-grandchild (and at that point, she was the ONLY great-grandchild for 3 out of 4 of the great-grandmas!)? One of the Webmaster’s grandmothers actually cried over it. I ROCKED!

Then Tad was born and I swear that within months of his first Christmas, I was being asked if I was going to make a scrapbook of him for all of them. I demurred, since the Munchkin’s scrapbook covered her first year, not just until Christmas. So, Tad is now well over a year old. Was I organized in August, planning which 20 pictures I would use for each grandmother, getting reprints and scrapbook paper and lovingly assembling page after page of my son’s cuteness?

In a word, no. So I am scrambling like mad now to get it done. The negatives are all assembled, the digital pictures are ordered, and I am working on the handful of pictures that I have on hand at the moment. Why am I killing myself to do this? Because great-grandmothers are notoriously hard to shop for, that’s why.

Item 4: We are giving the Munchkin WAY more stuff for Christmas than we’re giving to Tad.

I feel incredibly guilty about this. I’m looking for a solution, but Tad simply does not NEED another toy! And he’s 16 months old! He has no concrete interests in life, other than wrecking his sister’s dollhouse and tea set whenever she’s playing with them!

I’ve got to get off this guilt trip.

Item 5: Must bake Christmas cookies. I can’t scrapbook all day, anyway. The pictures have to get printed first.

One Response to “A mixed bag”

  1. Doc
    December 18th, 2006 14:47

    Well, for Tad there’s always the footstool option.