Just some random things that have really bugged me this last week. I think it would be a good idea to exorcise them all before I begin the weekend, don’t you?

1) After witnessing a particularly traumatic pedestrian/car collision in a crosswalk (that was a year ago???) where the pedestrian – an elderly man in a motorized wheelchair/scooter – later died, I have been even more aware of the pedestrians around me when I’m driving, especially the young and the elderly. However, I was on my way to Obachan’s yesterday and waiting at an intersection (Bothell Main Street, for those of you in the know), when an older gentleman looked at the red lights, his own “don’t walk” light, and proceeded to cross the intersection right in front of me anyway. By the time he was halfway across, I had a green light! I’m not angry that I couldn’t move right away to let him pass – I’m angry that he did something that he would never let his grandchildren do. And what if it hadn’t been me sitting there at that intersection, watching him??

2) I was raised to respect the silence of the library – which is why it embarasses me terribly when Tad throws a hissy fit when it’s time to leave his beloved computers. Fortunately, most of the other patrons are quite sympathetic when they see me hauling out a yowling toddler. So I try to give other parents the same courtesy I’ve been given. But it really annoys me when parents bring very young children to story time. I leave Tad at home for this very reason – he’s too young to sit and listen. Last Tuesday, there were two kids who had to have been under age 2, and they began to really disrupt the reading about halfway through the first book, so the parents had to take them out. Both little kids had older siblings that behaved perfectly, and one mother was by herself, so I know why her little boy was with her. I would just like the parents to be more realistic about what their kids can handle. And to the parents who brought both boys, one who was too young, so dad took him out while mom stayed with the older one – yeah, we can hear his crying through the door.

3) Note to Cubbie parents on Wednesday night: you know the room that you left your child’s coat and book bag in? The one with their name on the flyer next to the door? Yeah. Your child is in that room at the end of the evening for you to pick them up. We really didn’t change that on you in the middle of the evening. It’s not necessary to stick your head in all the other classrooms and ask for your child. You’ve been doing this since September – it’s not that hard!!

4) Mr. UPS driver – a cheery, extended knock when you drop off a package is not necessary. Especially when my kids are napping. I know that you may not know that, but I don’t need an entire song bar played out on my front door. I still am not happy about the package left on top of my hosta plant last summer, and I am watching you.

5) Nursery workers at church: I really do appreciate the time and effort you put in to watching the babies on Sundays and Wednesdays. I really do. I serve my time in there cheerfully, because I only have to do it once a month thanks to the fact we have so many great volunteers. That being said, would it kill you to change a diaper?? The Webmaster and I make a point of checking all the kids’ diapers at least once in the 90 minutes that we watch them – it isn’t that hard! We’ve lost track of all the times when Tad – or Ane, in the past – has been handed back to us reeking like a port-a-potty. Not good for the bottom, let me tell you. A quick smell test acheives much, and just giving everyone the once-over before service ends is always a good idea. Please?

I feel better now. Anyone else got something they want to get off their chest before the weekend? American Idol results? The Mariners’ spring training record? The barista who added whip when you asked for no whip? We do not judge here. We’re just here to help so we can all go to our weekends in a more peaceful, happier place. And now, I am going to find some more happiness in my coffee. Won’t you come along?

7 Responses to “Annoyances”

  1. Webmaster
    March 16th, 2007 11:35

    Upcoming (Monday) anti-war protests in Seattle. Never mind my ideological opposition (to the anti-war crowd); do they *have* to march on the same bloody streets as my bus?

  2. Laurie
    March 16th, 2007 11:53

    I think you’re being a little overly-cranky about the younger children at storytime. 🙂 We’ve got to train our children to behave in public, but they’re only going to learn by actually being in public. Sorry, I’m one of those moms who brings both kids. Usually, all is well.

    But I’m really cranky myself about Sanjaya. I’m starting to believe that the “Vote for the Worst” thing is really working. How much longer does the poor kid have to continue embarrassing himself in front of millions of people?

  3. Webmaster
    March 16th, 2007 11:58

    It’s been my experience that Pinky(aka Head) & The Brain can truly be distracted with tasks/activities; our children, and many others, cannot. Kudos to however it is you get them to do that!

  4. Juliet
    March 16th, 2007 13:46

    UPS is evil. I made the mistake of choosing their supposed two-day service last week, which naturally resulted in a package that arrived at my sister’s house after I had returned home. Why I expected anything different after they spent several days in 2003 losing track of my insured engagement ring, I don’t know.

  5. Little Cousin's Mommy
    March 16th, 2007 16:11

    At least your UPS guy knocks. My UPS guy and my USPS guy ring the doorbell! It’s loud, they usually hit the thing twice, and it has awakened my slumbering sweet pea in a not-so-sweet mood. Grrr!

    Lately, Oddball and I have been annoyed by the noisy bunch of kids that play basketball in the street directly in front of our house (the basketball hoop belongs to the neighbors across the street, but it’s never those neighbors’ kids that are playing). We catch them standing on our lawn, leaving their sweatshirts and trash in our yard, and they broke a solar powered lawn lamp this week, then set it back upright so we wouldn’t know. Where’s the neighborly curtesy?

  6. Erin
    March 17th, 2007 09:17

    Geesh, rough week? I hear you about the library. There isn’t a visit we make that doesn’t end with tears and screams.

    Hope you have a good weekend!

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