The imaginary hunt

Ane has an imaginary friend named Laura. Ever since I introduced her to the Laura Ingalls Wilder books last summer (after our visit to Mansfield, MO), she has been enthralled with the stories. It also serves as a nice counterbalance to her Princess obsession (you know, playing pioneer girl is almost as compelling as playing princesses, but the princesses have better clothes). Sometimes, imaginary Laura comes with an imaginary Mary (I bet you never saw that coming), and this has kept Ane occupied for hours on end. In fact, Ane has told me that she would really like to go to Wisconsin (forget Disneyland!) to see the Little House in the Big Woods – at least, the replica that exists.

Anyway, a few days ago, Ane came to me in a panic. “Mommy, I can’t find Laura!” she shrieked.

“Isn’t she in your room?” I asked, calmly and rationally. I was making dinner and trying to keep Tad from tearing apart the kitchen, so my attention was a smidge divided.

“No, she’s not, Mommy! You have to help me find her!” Ane cried.

Oh, great. I have to try and find an imaginary friend.

So, as I continued to make dinner and keep Tad from licking every container in the Tupperware drawer, I suggested places to look. Is she in the bathroom? No. The garage? No. Tad’s room? No. Under Ane’s bed? No. In Ane’s closet? No.

Finally, I was at the end of my ideas – and my patience. I threw up my hands, and then an idea came to me that a child of the 21st century would understand. “Ane, just call Laura on her cell phone and ask her where she is,” I told her.

And Ane did it. Laura, apparently, had gone outside to get something. Ane scolded her for not telling her, then “let” her back in (no door opening involved for the imaginary friend – they can go through walls). The missing imaginary friend crisis was over.

So, take note, everyone – even imaginary friends have cell phones these days.

5 Responses to “The imaginary hunt”

  1. Matthew
    January 24th, 2008 07:40

    I’m thinking Laura is too young for a cell phone but I can see how it comes in handy in an emergency.

  2. grandma
    January 24th, 2008 11:12

    Don’t tell Auntie that Laura has a cell phone. She still insists that she is the ONLY kid in her school without one. At the age of fifteen, this is a major social problem! I say, “oh well.”

  3. Doc
    January 25th, 2008 19:29

    Next thing she’ll be looking for Laura with an imaginary GPS … (using the imaginary coordinate system??)

  4. Juliet
    January 26th, 2008 06:16

    That is AWESOME.

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