Oh, poo

Santa left Tad a very interesting present in his stocking this Christmas – Cars underwear.

Mommy has been buying Pull-Ups with coupons – Cars Pull-Ups.

Do you see a theme here?

Tad is quickly approaching two and a half, and even though this is not the ideal time of year to begin potty-training (that would be summer, when less clothes are worn), the boy is showing a lot of interest in the toliet.

For example, I have my own personal toliet attendant now. Tad follows me in (privacy? What’s that?), observes the whole process, claps for me and flushes the toliet for me. I half expect him to hand me a hot towel and a mint afterwards. Instead, he joins me in washing up (something we can never do too much of in the House o’ Snot at the moment), dries off his hands, and thinks it is the most fun shared activity in the world.

He also LOVES to sit on the potty by himself. He hasn’t actually used it in a while, but he gets exactly one square of toliet paper to “use” and toss in the toliet, but there is no flushing unless we get results. We used to bribe him with animal crackers to just sit and get used to the potty seat, but now the only thing you need to do to lure him to the potty is just wave a roll of toliet paper at him, then hand him his square.

The other indicator that we need to strike while the iron is hot is that he apparently learned a word from his cousin Belle (age 21 months) this last Christmas… and the word is “poo.”

No, the boy does not talk in complete sentences. Yes, this is still an on-going process in our house (more on that in the next week or so as things develop). But Tad will walk up to us with an unmistakable odor wafting from his diapered rear, and tell us, “Poo. A poo! Oh, poo.”

Thanks, Belle. 😉

Actually, this is the first step in his potty training. Now, if we could just get him to tell us before he needs to go… He is semi-unpredictable in the time of day he needs to have a bowel movement. Usually it is pre-dinner, but sometimes it is post-breakfast, with two major exceptions: Obachan’s house and the kids’ hair salon. He loves to hide in the coat closet at Obachan’s, and in the dark silence, he finds release. It NEVER fails. And the kids’ hair salon has a Little Tikes log cabin playhouse in the waiting area, and more kids than just Tad have found it a suitable place to do their business. I was discussing this with the staff the last time we were there, and was told that apparently the log cabin is so notorious for this that the staff calls it “the outhouse.”

Maybe I should turn off all the lights in the bathroom when he tries to go…?

I washed up the Cars underwear this week. He saw them, all seven pairs, with Piston Cups and racing logos and a few with Lightning McQueen and Mater printed on the rear. (I, um, Santa found them at the Disney Store on clearance.) He was quite intrigued, and upset when I put them in a dresser drawer.

Just you wait, Tad. Just you wait.

2 Responses to “Oh, poo”

  1. Matthew
    January 26th, 2008 12:57

    We tried the first week of the New Year on the potty training – complete with Cars underwear for Monk and Princess Underwear for Swee’Pea.

    It didn’t go so well.

    I’m not eager to try that again. Good luck!

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    September 25th, 2008 08:08

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