So many things are grabbing my attention at the moment, I’m not sure if I can put together a cohesive blog post.

First off, the earthquake in China. I happen to have friends who live in Chengdu, and after praying hard all day yesterday, I am extraordinarily relieved to hear that they are all well and accounted for. So, that’s a great burden off my mind, though I’m sure that the stories they have will be nothing short of hair-raising.

Second, am very miffed with the Mariners bullpen. And not real thrilled with Erik Bedard, either. Tell me again why we traded Adam Jones for him??

Third, Tad can count to at least eleven. THIS is the really big news. Yesterday, my parents were watching him while Ane and I were at school (it was a special Mother’s Day event that was a lot of fun for both of us). While we were gone, my mother created a game for Tad. He had gotten a hold of some loose change, and he has a penchant for putting things into other things, so he was putting the coins through the windows of a Fisher Price play house. Instead of letting him spread coins all over the place, Grandma got an empty sour cream container with a lid, cut a slot in the lid, and let him put the coins through the slot. He had twenty coins, and when he finished putting them all in, he had to ask someone to open it up so he could do it again.

When Ane and I returned, he was still going at it, and I could hear him counting: “One, too, free, foor, five, sicks, seben, ehhh, nine, ten, e-weben…” and then you could hear a lot of “teen”s – he would usually end with fifteen or sixteen (after skipping other numbers), and then clapping for himself.

“Have you been teaching him to count?” my Dad asked me.

“No,” I said.

“Well, then, what good are you?” he asked. (He was kidding.)

Tad has obviously been doing more listening than we realized – to both Sesame Street and They Might Be Giants. I now love the number “e-weben.” It is so cute when he says it. I wonder if I can get him to do it for Kay today… And I’ve got to get it on video.

And finally, Libby, the little neighbor girl who my mother watches a few days a week, broke her arm last Friday. She did this at her house (which is probably the ONLY good thing about it), and has a soft cast and a sling at the moment. Both the ulna and the radius bones are broken on her left arm, but fortunately, no surgery was needed. If Tad could really talk – or remember – he would be able to empathize with her. We understand broken bones around here.

One Response to “Distracted”

  1. Matthew
    May 13th, 2008 07:40

    Yay for Tad! He’s going to be reciting the Gettysburg address before long.

    TheMonk can count to 12 and then the teens get really fuzzy too.