Give In To The Fat

I started wearing maternity jeans a few weeks ago.

This week, I caved in and started wearing maternity tops as well.

I was getting along okay with most of my shirts, but only a few of them were long enough to cover me. And those that weren’t… well, with the colder weather, I was wearing my cable cardigan most of the time, so I was okay.

Still, it was time. Technically, I’ve just entered my 5th month, so there is no hiding this anymore – not in the physical sense, anyway. The baby is shoving everything up into my diaphragm, so yesterday Tad jumped into my lap and completely winded me. Ooof.

Thanks to an ultrasound, we know that the placenta is placed right in the front of the uterus – anterior – and so that means that some of the movement I’m starting to feel is sort of blunted. I am feeling some movement, but it’s all very internal. Ane’s placenta was exactly the same way, but Tad’s wasn’t. I felt a LOT more movement with Tad. Which means that it will take a lot longer for anyone but me to feel any kind of movement. Sorry, Ane.

But I have given in to the fat. I am pregnant… and now, at least, I’m starting to look it. Which means that it’s okay to give in.

Now… where did I put that belly butter?

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