A Girl’s New Favorite Store

There was a BIG opening this weekend.

And who is that I spy in front?

Yes, that is Ane, with her doll Susan, and her friend Lisa, with her doll Kayleen.  (I think that’s her doll’s name, but don’t quote me.  Not sure on the spelling, either.)

A brand-new American Girl Place opened up at our local mall.  The location, according to American Girl’s website, is Alderwood, Seattle.  And all the locals rolled their eyes.  The store is in LYNNWOOD, people.  Call it “Seattle” all you want, but the only thing it has in common with Seattle is the sales tax rate.  The new store is placed right near the play area at Alderwood Mall.

The “grand opening” was this last Saturday and Sunday, but the store itself opened for business last Wednesday.  Auntie called me from the mall on Thursday and said, “Did you know the store is open already?”

I immediately called Lisa’s mom, and the girls hit the store that evening.  The big up side: we avoided the crazy mad rush over the weekend.  The down side: there was a private event going on that night, and all the customers got kicked out of the store at 7 pm.  The girls spent money before we left, though, as you can see by the bags.

The store itself is every little girl’s dream.  It is full of the dolls, displays of dolls and their clothes, a doll hair salon, a doll T-shirt shop, and a small bistro and party room.

Guess who is already begging to have her birthday party there?  And guess who verbally agreed to it?

At least I won’t have to think about that until December.

And Ane is already looking for ways to earn more money, so she can go shopping again.

3 Responses to “A Girl’s New Favorite Store”

  1. Webmaster
    July 19th, 2011 08:28

    We agreed to what?

  2. Ressis
    July 20th, 2011 05:48

    I would have been okay if the website called it “Alderwood (Seattle Area)” but that’s just ridiculous. Before we move to a new city, I’m always checking out what store they have locally and I’ve only ever seen stores’ websites do that to Seattle area stores. They have no problem listed the suburbs of other major cities, like Edmond, OK or Allen, TX, but Washington State gets left out.

    I’m glad Ane had fun, now I know what to get her for her birthday!

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