Another Party

Why yes, I have other children!  Thanks for reminding me!

Yesterday, Ane went to a tea party at that wonderland of all things girly and pink – the American Girl store.  Her good friend Lina just turned 8 last week, and Ane and another friend, Lisa, were invited to tea in the bistro after school.

The girls love spending time together and had a wonderful time eating, chatting, and browsing around the store.

Ane and Lisa went in on a gift together and bought a matching set of doll and girl pajamas.  And now that each girl has a matching set of pjs with their doll, plans are in the works for a slumber party over spring break.

What a joy to be 8 years old, eating brownie pops and planning sleepovers with friends!

(And many thanks to Grandma for watching Tad and Rerun while Ane and I were out partying!)


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