Flashback Friday

This is going to be a big weekend, with the boys moving into their new room.  It may take all weekend for the transition to be complete, but it’s going to get done.

This week’s trip down memory lane looks at the first time Tad got a “big boy” bed.

We got this toddler bed for him right after the cast came off his broken arm – this was the Superman moment that he had, three days after his second birthday, when he tried to jump out of the crib and broke his left arm.  He had to move out of the crib.

He’s been in the toddler bed ever since, and now he is six.  It’s time for him to move on.

The toddler bed will go into storage until Rerun turns two(ish) and needs to move out of the crib.

I think there will pictures of Tad in his new bed for everyone to see on Monday!

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