Flashback Friday

This week we are going into the waaaaay back machine and digging something that had to be scanned out of the archives.  Thank you, Auntie, for helping me out!

Since I posted the kids’ Santa picture from this year, I thought it was only fair to post one of my own.  This is from my second Christmas – I was just a few months old at my first Christmas, and my parents didn’t take me to see Santa.  There is a picture of a tiny little baby me sitting on Santa’s lap, but it’s a Polaroid of someone at a family party dressed up as Santa holding me.  So, I was about 15 months old at my second Christmas, when my parents (if I’m remembering correctly, because I wasn’t dressed for it at all) spontaneously stopped to get my picture taken with Santa Claus at Frederick & Nelson.

This was the result:

My mother is in the back, holding me in place (no, Santa does not have a third hand).

I was much better (and smiling) the next year, and the Captain was sitting next to me (he wasn’t quite two months old and I think he was asleep – his eyes aren’t open in the picture).

That little girl looks like some kids that I know.  Rerun has that exact same expression when he cries.

Even though Frederick & Nelson is long gone, the Santa display remains.  It was sold, or the rights were granted, to another department store, and then to a photo company that still uses this traditional set-up to this day.  So, if this keeps up, someday all my kids’ Santa pictures will look the exact same way that mine do.  I love tradition!

One Response to “Flashback Friday”

  1. Ressis
    December 9th, 2011 08:12

    I’ve never noticed Mom’s hand there before. Maybe that’s because I’ve always been too distracted by that dorky outfit you’re wearing. Why did Mom put you in that?