Hey Santa!

The sign at Santa’s set-up says that we can’t use our own cameras to take a picture.

So the Webmaster scanned ours (even though the image is copyrighted – hey, I’m not selling it!), so everyone could see it:

Rerun did NOT want to sit on Santa’s lap at first – he was clinging to the Webmaster while Ane and Tad eagerly greeted Santa and got positioned.  However, Santa’s photographer had a Cookie Monster stuffed toy, and even though Rerun began to cry, he actually calmed down for Cookie Monster and gave us this smile.

The kids then got their candy canes, and the older two presented Santa with their lists.  Tad had three things on his list: a shark ship, the Bat-Cave, and a Star Wars LEGO X-wing set.  I have it on good authority that two of those will be coming his way, but Santa is reluctant about that shark ship.  He really wants it, but it is BIG.  It’s at least 2 and half feet long.  Grandma, who went with us. was of the opinion that the excitement of Christmas morning and getting toys would wipe it from his mind.  “You want to bet $10 on that?”  I asked.

She started laughing.  “No, you know him better than I do!”

We also had to talk Tad down, because he apparently had this all planned out in his mind: you ask Santa, then you get the gifts.  RIGHT THEN.  Good thing we already had the paper chain countdown going!

Ane asked for Harry Potter LEGO sets, and when Santa read that off her list, he looked at me and said, “They have those?”

Um, yes, but, Santa, are you really supposed to ask that IN FRONT of the kids??

Ane also asked for nail polish.  She is such a girl.

Rerun just wanted out of there.  I think he might be more enthusiastic about Santa next year.

2 Responses to “Hey Santa!”

  1. Auntie
    December 1st, 2011 10:15

    Santa may be delivering Ane’s nail polish at Grandma’s house this year(an elf told me)!

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