100 Things

1) My name is Deanna.
2) That’s why this blog is called “Deanna’s Corner”.
3) I was married in August of 2000.
4) I am married to the man who designed this website for me.
5) We have four kids.
6) We have one girl and three boys.
7) Our oldest son was born on our fifth wedding anniversary in August of 2005.
8 ) The first two kids are much closer in age than we intended them to be.
9) I am the oldest of four children.
10) My brother (second oldest, only boy) is a major in the Army, married, and has four daughters.
11) My sister (middle girl) is married to a captain in the Army, and has three daughters and one son.
12) My youngest sister is a teacher.
13) There is a 14 year age difference between my youngest sister and myself.
14) Yes, we all have the same parents, and they are still married.
15) I am often mistaken for my youngest sister’s mother when we are out in public.
16) She used to call me “Mom” in public to just to make me mad.
17) I graduated from high school in 1996.
18) I graduated from the University of Washington in 2000.
19) I have two BA degrees.
20) One is in journalism, the other in Japanese linguistics.
21) I am half-Japanese, half-white, all-American.
22) I do not look very Japanese at all.
23) I did not grow up speaking Japanese.
24) I was accused of cheating in my Japanese class my freshman year in high school by my classmates because they thought I did speak Japanese at home.
25) My father is sansei (third-generation Japanese-American).
26) He doesn’t speak a word of Japanese, except food names.
27) My father’s parents met in internment camp during World War II.
28) I have been to Japan.
29) I lived in Tokyo for 3 months during my freshman year in college in 1997.
30) Japanese people do not consider me Japanese.
31) My middle name is Japanese.
32) I also gave my kids Japanese middle names.
33) My passport really threw Japanese people off.
34) I have also been to Canada and Mexico.
35) I met my husband shortly before my 16th birthday.
36) He had just turned 19.
37) We were introduced my a good friend of mine who wanted to date him.
38) We started dating nearly six years later.
39) I quit working to be a stay-at-home mom.
40) I made yo-yos in a factory during high school and my first year of college.
41) I can string 100 yo-yos in less than 15 minutes.
42) I also was a photographer at a department store photo studio.
43) I like taking pictures… of my own kids.
44) I have worked in the health care industry.
45) I am dangerous because I know too much about how health care works.
46) I have morning sickness while pregnant.
47) It usually goes away after the end of the first trimester.
48) I was diabetic with my third baby.
49) I don’t gain much weight while I’m pregnant.
50) We are done having kids after number four is born.
51) I love writing.
52) I blog because I can’t have a journalism career at the moment.
53) I love reading.
54) I taught myself to read when I was three.
55) I also speed-read naturally.
56) I love histories and biographies.
57) I am a science-fiction nut.
58) This includes both Star Trek and Star Wars.
59) I own a lot of books.
60) I own a lot of rubber stamps.
61) I make cards.
62) I don’t do a lot of scrapbooking.
63) I do want to scrapbook my trips to Disneyland.
64) I love Disneyland.
65) I am a Christian.
66) I attended the same church from my birth until I was 16.
67) The church then planted another church closer to where I grew up.
68) My parents moved us all there and I’ve attended there ever since.
69) I am pretty conservative.
70) I tend to vote Republican.
71) I listen to talk radio.
72) I do not suffer fools gladly.
73) I have lived in the Seattle/Puget Sound area my entire life.
74) I love to sing, but I am often flat.
75) My kids don’t mind.
76) I can play the violin.
77) My siblings prefer that I not play in front of them.
78) My dog used to run away when I practiced, howling.
79) I love to cook and bake.
80) I can make a really good dessert.
81) I have a weakness for fine china and crystal.
82) I like to cross-stitch.
83) I love to give presents and send cards.
84) I love to shop.
85) I cannot watch the movie “E.T.”
86) I still sleep with my security blanket.
87) I did not take it on my honeymoon, though.
88) I have a concealed weapons permit.
89) I am a die-hard Mariners fan.
90) My oldest son is a high-functioning autistic.
91) His diagnosis rocked my world, but is making me a better person.
92) I love reading other people’s blogs.
93) I love to help out, if I can.
94) I have a quick temper, but I try to control it.
95) I have a good memory, especially for events and dates.
96) I love hunting for good deals, especially on eBay.
97) I have to keep reminding myself to be more assertive.
98) I inherited my father’s sense of humor and my mother’s love of learning.
99)I love being a mommy.
100) I love God, my family, and my country with all my heart.