Welcome to Deanna’s Corner!

I am a thirty-something SAHM (stay at home mom) who has a degree in journalism and nowhere to use it… so I started this blog in March 2005. I write for my own sanity and to share my stories and opinions.

The cast of characters includes:

Me (Deanna) – mom, wife, rubber stamper, cross-stitcher, crocheter, writer, chief cook and bottle washer here at the Corner Haus.

The Webmaster (my husband) – dad, groundskeeper, tech support and all-around good guy. We’ve been married since 2000.

Ane (my daughter, known in early posts as The Munchkin) – all sweetness and spunk since 2003. Loves books, play dates, shopping and baseball.

Tad (my son, known in early posts as Baby Boy) – all boy since 2005. Tad has autism and is attending a high-intervention special education program within our school district, and both speech and ABA (applied behavioral analysis) therapy.  Loves sharks, Batman, Star Wars, Pixar movies, and LEGO.

Rerun (my son) – the delight of my heart since 2010.  Loves dinosaurs, Lightning McQueen, Angry Birds, Star Wars, and getting into his siblings’ toys.

Thumper (my son) – the apple of my eye since 2013.  The youngest and last of our kids!  A Star Wars nerd and BBC Concert Orchestra fan.

Grandma and Gichan (my parents)

Nana and Papa (the Webmaster’s parents)

Auntie (my youngest sister) – College graduate, built-in baby-sitter (when she is home) and softball player.

The Major and Q-Bee (my brother, formerly known as the Captain, and sister-in-law) – Major in the army and his wife, the quilting enthusiast.

Belle, Berry, Beth, and Bette – The Major and Q-Bee’s daughters, also known as the B Squad.

Ressis and Oddball (my sister and brother-in-law) – SAHM and her husband, a captain in the army and Star Wars nerd.

Little Cousin, Little Cowgirl (formerly known as Baby Cousin), Little Hawk, and Little Baby Cousin – Ressis and Oddball’s kids.

Friend and Doc – close friends of the Webmaster and myself. Doc is a professor at a local college and Friend teaches piano and likes good cheese.

The Brain, Head, Rupert and Ringo – Friend and Doc’s four boys. Close friends of Ane, Tad, and Rerun.

… and many, many more people….

I post very regularly because out-of-state family like to be updated on what’s going on here at the Corner Haus and because I enjoy writing. Please leave a comment if you enjoy it, too!

I can also be contacted at deannascorner.blog AT gmail DOT com. (Replace AT and DOT with the appropriate symbols.)