Pink Cupcakes

As promised, the chocolate cupcakes had pink peppermint buttercream frosting.

With glitter gel icing drizzled on top and sugar pearl sprinkles.

And as much work as you think these are, this is SO MUCH easier compared to what I’ve had to create before.  The Cinderella cake and the log cabin cake come to mind.  I’m really hoping the cupcake trend stays around for a while!

Ane was ready to get her party started.

It was interesting to see Tad’s response to Ane having a birthday.  While we had to work hard to keep Rerun away from the packages (after how many days of opening presents, telling him “NO” was nearly impossible), Tad completely respected the fact that these were his sister’s gifts.  He wasn’t happy about it, though, and asked me at least twice, “When is it MY birthday??”

You have a summer birthday, kid, and have no idea how well this is spaced out for you.

Eight-year-olds understand the value of a gift – not just how big or flashy it is.  So Ane can appreciate a really nice book…

… clothes for her doll, Susan…

(And I must say, Susan has cleaned up rather well between Christmas and birthday – her wardrobe has gotten quite a bit larger, plus she gained a piece of furniture!)

… a new watch, which we discovered later was personalized with Ane’s name on it…

… several pieces of clothing for herself…

… and gift cards.  Finally comprehending the value of money means that one can appreciate the value of a gift card.  Especially when your birthday is two days after Christmas and you’re completely satiated on gifts right now, but a month or two from now there will be something you REALLY WANT, and because your mother is extremely prudent and squirreled away all the gift cards for later, you will have money to spend.

And, being a very girly eight-year-old means that pink frosting is to be preferred above all other kinds.

But, being an eight-year-old fan of Cupcake Wars and loving Trophy Cupcakes , you also know how to appreciate a really tasty buttercream frosting.

Ane really enjoyed turning eight.

And this lucky eight-year-old is going to stretch this out for almost another month… she has a birthday tea scheduled with her cousins on Saturday, and then has a birthday party with her friends in January at – where else? – the new American Girl Store near us.

It’s great to be eight!

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