Christmas Party #1 – Gichan’s Family

Even though the Christmas gatherings are not yet over, and I will be hugging nieces before the day is out (!!!), I figured the Christmas recaps had better start now, before I get too bogged down in other things.

The kickoff party this year was on December 17th, at Uncle Buddy and Auntie J’s house.  This was all Gichan’s side of the family, so it was anyone connected with my two uncles (Uncle G and Uncle Buddy) my dad, or Obachan.  With only myself and Auntie around, and only my cousin B at home that early for Christmas, it was a quieter evening.  Still, the kids managed to have a lot of fun, and this year, the older two actually ate a decent dinner!  Tad even tried some lovely roasted brussels sprouts that Auntie J had made.  They were SO tasty.

The kids got really excited over the first presents of the season – especially when it appears that people have been keeping up on what they really like.

And because these relatives understand the delicate complexities of sibling rivalry…

Rerun’s Little People Batcave was a find by Uncle G and Auntie T.  I had NO idea this even existed, and it is just perfect for Rerun.  Not that it completely keeps him out of Tad’s stuff, but he does love it.  Tad likes it, too.  It figures.

Ane began raking in the American Girl swag…

… and she also got a lovely Mulan doll from Uncle Buddy and Auntie J.  It’s one of the singing dolls, and it’s supposed to sing when you touch the sensor in its hand.  That is a lie.  It sings when AIR brushes over that sensor.  Good thing it has an off switch.

The next day was fun at our house.  Mama was a total sucker and assembled the Trio Batcave for Tad, and then the fun really began.

And if you’re wondering how Mulan could possibly fit into the world of Batman… apparently Ane was making Mulan tell Batman what to do, like brush his teeth properly and go to bed.  Maybe she was the ghost of Martha Wayne.  I don’t know.  But Ane was happy and Tad paid very little attention to the doll being waved in front of him.

Rerun was a very happy boy.

Tad was totally enthralled with the newly-constructed Batcave and played with it for hours.

But more fun was yet to come!  Our next party was one I’ve already covered, with Friend and Doc and their boys.  Then Ane, Tad, and Rerun had to wait until… Christmas Eve!

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