Year 8

This is the 8th Christmas that we’ve gotten our kids together with Friend and Doc’s boys.  I did a flashback photo series on this last year.

We celebrated Christmas with them last night, and threatened all the children who were threatenable with not getting to open their presents until we got a good picture of them all sitting in front of the tree.  The only two who heeded the threat were Tad and Rupert.  The older three know better to sit and smile, plus they were responsible for holding the two little ones – Rerun and Ringo – in place.

Naturally, the last picture taken is the best one.

Books were exchanged.

LEGO was also popular.

Ane, as the only girl in the bunch, got… something girly.

Even the grownups were not left out.

Then we ate ice cream and cookies and called it a night.

And so another Christmas together has passed – and we are still completely outnumbered.

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