Best Party EVER

At least, that is what Ane said it was.

Last Saturday, everyone managed to dig themselves out of the snow and get to the mall, where Ane was hosting some friends at the American Girl Store for her birthday party!

Let me just say that every single girl who came to the party was worried that the weather might prevent her from going.  Who cares about school… WE CAN’T MISS THE PARTY!

So glad everyone has their priorities straight.  Ahem.


The party was held in the store’s party room.  Each girl brought her doll, if she owned one, and those who did not were able to borrow a “loaner doll” from the bistro that adjoins the store.  The dolls were all given paper crowns, and Ane got a crown of her own.

This is my favorite picture of her, because you can just sense the excitement coming off her.  She is glowing.  The dolls sat next to their girls in these cute little booster chairs (which you can buy in the store) and enjoyed their own “cups of tea” while the girls ordered lunch.  While we were waiting for the food to arrive, the girls got to do their craft.  Each girl got to make a fleece sleeping bag for their doll, so they spent time tying square knots to make a fluffy fringe.

The menu was quite expansive, and the food was actually very good!  Which was a very pleasant surprise – so often, kid-themed restaurants are big on the ambiance and lousy on the food.  I did not hear anyone say “But I don’t like any of this,” and everyone ordered exactly what they wanted.  Everyone got to choose an appetizer and a entree.

The girls could barely eat, they were so hyped up (everyone ended up taking a doggie bag home), and then the cake arrived.

While the girls ate their cake and ice cream, Ane opened presents – and cleaned up pretty well with the American Girl swag.

I did manage to take a group picture of all the girls and their dolls…

… and while they were eating the cake, the goodie bags arrived.  These were also part of the party package, and they were NICE.  Each girl got a doll t-shirt, a book, and a doll’s balloon.  Even I was surprised at the quality of the goodie bags.

Ane said that this was her most favorite birthday party ever, and all the girls agreed with her.

While this was not an inexpensive party (you don’t want to know), and we’ve already told Ane that a party like this will not be happening again, it was actually worth the money.  The food was good, the service was excellent, and the craft and the goodie bag exceeded my expectations.  It was actually the easiest party I’ve ever thrown, because all I had to do was show up with a credit card in hand.  Every single other thing was taken care of, right down to the cake.  So, it was a once-in-a-lifetime experience, but I have a feeling that Ane will actually remember this party for the rest of her life with a huge smile.

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