Cousins’ Tea

American Girl Bistro.  Three excited girls.  Their mothers and grandmother and baby brothers.

Little Cowgirl, Ane, and Little Cousin

When we knew that Ressis and the kids were coming, we knew we had to have a tea party at the bistro!  The girls were very excited that the day of their party had finally arrived.  We went for tea (between 2 and 4:30 pm) so the girls could have the tea menu – fruit, tea sandwiches, mini desserts, and your choice of tea, hot chocolate, or pink lemonade.  Being that it was a warm summer day, the girls chose pink lemonade.


Ane and Little Cousin brought their dolls, and Little Cowgirl borrowed a doll from the ones available at the bistro.  The dolls got to have “tea” as well.

The dolls get their teacups clinked

I’ll say this for American Girl – they do have good food.  Even for the grown-ups.  I was impressed with the food when we threw Ane’s birthday party there, and I still am.  It costs as much as a family dining-type restaurant, but the quality and service are great.  You don’t end up sacrificing in the food, or overpaying, just because it’s American Girl.  So kudos to them.

The girls had a fabulous time (if you couldn’t tell from the pictures)…

Mini cupcakes!

… and so did the rest of us.

Thumper watches the table

Even if some of us were too little to sample the treats.

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