Party All The Time

My children have a more active social life than I do.

First, I found a monkey at the zoo on Friday.

On Saturday morning, Ane and I went to a birthday party for a pair of sisters – one turning three…

and one turning one.

Ane is a great favorite with both of the little girls, whose birthdays are only a little over a week apart, so their parents threw them a big joint birthday party.  Our whole family was invited to attend, but I let the boys skip it.  They were due at another party that afternoon – our little buddy L.’s Star Wars birthday bash.

My kids all brought their lightsabers and wore appropriate clothes.

And, of course, there was appropriate play happening.

Then, Saturday afternoon, between the parties, Tad got invited to another birthday party on Sunday afternoon.  His friend Eva from school was having her birthday party, and her mom kindly invited our family to join them.  Since Sunday afternoon is prime-Rerun nap time, I took Tad to the party and left everyone else at home.  Tad has known Eva for four years – they went to the same preschool and were in the same kindergarten class last year.  They aren’t in the same class this year, but Eva absolutely adores Tad – her parents jokingly refer to Tad as “Eva’s boyfriend.”  Since I was thinking of a gift on short notice, I decided that it would be sweet to have Tad bring Eva some flowers.

She was pretty excited to see him.

I never heard so many “awws” in a room as when he handed her those Gerbera daisies.  It seemed as if everyone at the party knew who Tad was, because they had heard about him from Eva.  There’s even a picture of Tad on their fridge door, that I took last year at the kindergarten concert.  I think he had a good time at the party.  However, I am all partied out.

So, I’ll just have to recharge.  I’m baking cupcakes for the bridal shower that Ane and I are going to next Saturday.

And let me not forget that TODAY is Little Cousin’s 7th birthday!!!  I love you and miss you, sweet girl!!!

3 Responses to “Party All The Time”

  1. Nana
    June 5th, 2012 07:11

    Love the party theme AND the bearer of flowers….

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