Scissors Are Dangerous

As I reported, Tad has learned now that scissors are not for cutting shirts.  And when I ask him how his school day was, occasionally he will look down at his shirt hem and say, “I didn’t cut my shirt!”

Always a benchmark for success.

Yesterday, however, he was sporting a band-aid on the middle finger of his left hand, wrapped right around the fingernail.  He immediately showed it to me – “Mama, I have a band-aid!  I got hurt!” – flipping me off in the process (which was amusing, but that was unintentional, so I didn’t say anything).

“What happened, Tad?”

He yanked the band-aid off, showing me a sharp, still-bleeding nick on the side of his finger, not too far from the nail.  “Scissors are   NOT for shirts or fingers – only paper!” he informed me woefully.

It was such a small cut and in such a odd place that I have to conclude that it wasn’t intentional – he probably nicked himself while using the scissors to cut paper.  Still, poor kid.

We went home, where I cleaned it carefully and got him a Batman band-aid.  And all was well again.

But I’m still wondering about the wisdom of letting him have scissors in his pencil box.

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