Zebra Feet

Rerun’s love of the outdoors has been well documented.  And during the summer, I can barely get him to come inside for food, let alone anything else (like sleep or a diaper change).

We bought him his very own pair of Keen sandals at the beginning of them summer, and he loves those things.  They are quite possibly the best kid sandals ever created, between their versatility, support, and washability.  But what happens when a toddler who loves the outdoors wears his sandals all summer long?

You get zebra feet!

The first time I realized that he was developing tan lines from his sandals, I cracked up laughing.  Then Grandma asked me, “Are his feet dirty?”  When she realized they were tan lines, she thought that was pretty funny, too.

His other foot looks exactly the same (but he wouldn’t hold still for the picture, so it’s blurry), and there are lines on both sides of each foot.  It’s very cute.

The weather has continued to be so nice that he’s still wearing his Keens.  He wore socks and shoes last week when it rained, and it was almost a novelty to be wearing socks after months without them.

When these little stripes fade, I will miss them.  Until then… my boy has zebra feet!

One Response to “Zebra Feet”

  1. Aunt Lynda
    September 18th, 2012 05:24

    I love the brown toes…