Easter Sunday 2014

One of the best parts of our trip was getting to spend Easter with the Major and Q-Bee and the B Squad.  Q-Bee absolutely loves Easter celebrations.  As she said, “The Major may be Mr. Christmas, but I’m Mrs. Easter.”

The Easter Bunny came before church at their house, but the kids were all up and raring to go.  And by kids, I mean Thumper and the B Squad.  Ane, Tad, and Rerun all had to be dragged out of bed.

We started off with pictures, bright and early before church.

Our Easter morning family picture

After church, I took a picture of each kid with their Easter basket.





Plus I got an adorable shot of the little boys in their matching polos.

Rerun and Thumper

The Major and Q-Bee had invited two other families and a visiting friend to Easter dinner, and Q-Bee had about 400 eggs for an epic Easter egg hunt.  The moms hid them all in the yard while the dads kept the kids inside.  Then we turned them loose.  Thumper got his own little egg hunt all by himself, since he was the youngest.

Thumper's egg hunt

Ane moved like a jackrabbit, so I didn’t get any pictures of her, but the boys moved slower.

Boys on the egg hunt

Tad and his eggs

Rerun and his eggs

The kids enjoyed themselves, and the spread was amazing… but we had to get up before sunrise the next morning to fly home.  And as much as we needed to head home, I knew I was going to miss these faces terribly.  But we had had a wonderful time.

Q-Bee and the girls

Beth and Thumper

Uncle Major and Thumper

Sister and Brother

The Major drove us to the airport before anyone else was up the next morning, and we flew home.  One suitcase decided to stay in Boston (where we connected to Seattle) for an extra day and take in the sights, but showed up on our doorstep the next day.

Thanks to the Major and Q-Bee, we had a fabulous family vacation.  And I miss my nieces so very much!

2 Responses to “Easter Sunday 2014”

  1. Nana
    May 6th, 2014 07:25

    An Easter you’ll never forget! And if the younger ones don’t remember, you’ll have the pictures.

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