The Egg Hunt

Auntie took charge and provided the kids with an Easter egg hunt this year.  It was such a hit that we’ll probably have to expand it a little next year.  They had a blast!

Baskets at the ready!

Rerun and Thumper’s eggs were the easiest to find, of course…

So pumped!

Found one!

Thumper got an assist from Auntie, because he wasn’t quite sure about all this.

I put it in the basket?  Why?

Auntie and Thumper


Ane and Tad had to look a little harder for their eggs (plus they were smaller), but eventually they were all found!

Tad finds an egg in the apple tree

Ane holds up her basket

The kids were allowed to open their eggs after Easter dinner, and they loved all the candy and coins hidden inside.

Egg opening!

So, even though we missed being with cousins this year, we had a happy and fun Easter!

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