Watching Baseball With Rerun

Monday was the Mariners’ opening day!  And Auntie was working the game as a ball girl!  It was an afternoon game, so Rerun and I watched the game by ourselves (Ane and Tad were at school, and Thumper was napping).  This resulted in some very funny comments by Rerun.

“Strike four!”  (Me: “There is no strike four!’)  “Was it strike five?”

“He got a hit!  HOME RUN!”  (Me: “That was a double!”) “WOO-HOO, DOUBLE RUN!”

“GO SEAHAWKS!”  (Me: “This is baseball, not football!  You say ‘Go Mariners!'”)  “GO MARINERS!”

“Ball four!  HE’S OUT!”

“I see Auntie!!!”

Rerun points to Auntie!

And yes, that really was her, fielding a ball in the bottom of the 8th inning!

The Mariners won, which was even more exciting!  They did lose yesterday, but the season is young.  Rerun has a lot to learn about baseball this year!

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