Surprise At The Zoo!

I kept a very big secret from Ane for a whole month.

Her dear friend Lisa, who moved to Maui two years ago, was going to be back in town.  And since Lisa had surprised Ane so well the last time she visited, she wanted to do it again.  Lisa’s mother Beth and I kept in contact via text, and finally, the day came  for the surprise.

All I told Ane was that we were going to the zoo for the day.  We do this often enough that she didn’t question me – even though the weather was drizzly and questionable.

As we walked toward the Zoomazium (the indoor play area), Beth and Lisa were sitting on a park bench, Lisa’s face hidden by a zoo map.  Ane walked right past them, and then Lisa yelled “SURPRISE!”

Ane’s socks were blown off, and she was SO excited to see her friend again.

Ane and Lisa, together again

The rest of the day at the zoo (we spent five hours with them there) was full of good moments for the long-separated friends.

Anchors away, my girls

Tad photobombs the girls


Being silly with the gorilla statues

More silliness

Even more silly


But this was only really part of the day.  We had quite a crowd with us – nine kids in all – which inevitably means other things happened.  More tomorrow….

One Response to “Surprise At The Zoo!”

  1. Nana
    July 23rd, 2014 08:39

    She’ll always remember that special day!