O Christmas Tree 2014

The Webmaster, Ane, and Tad picked out the tree on Sunday.  The Webmaster and I got it set up Sunday night to dry completely.  And while the kids were away at school Monday morning, I got the lights up on the tree.  Thumper was thrilled when I plugged in that first strand of lights.  I tried to get a picture of him playing with them, but he was too fast for me.  And even this picture is a little blurry.

Checking out all the lights!

I had promised the kids (who were thrilled to see the tree all lit when they got home from school) that we would decorate it AFTER dinner.  Fortunately, dinner was homemade pizza, so they actually did eat dinner.

By this time, the older three each have their own pile of ornaments to put on the tree, and I keep all of those stored in a separate bin.  So that was the first one we opened.  The boxes are labeled with their names, so they were all in there and grabbing their own ornaments.  Once they were all divided, the decorating commenced.

Excited Ane

The boys are focused

There are several new ornaments on the tree this year.  Tad has finally gotten a shark on the tree (courtesy of Grandma and Gichan, who gave him this Jaws ornament as a birthday gift)…

Bruce the Jaws shark

The shark even plays the Jaws theme music.

He also now has a 1989 Batmobile, which plays that movie’s theme music as well.

1989 Batmobile

His two passions, right there on the Christmas tree.

Rerun got another LEGO Star Wars figure to add to his collection…

LEGO Boba Fett

… and Ane, who had picked out her ornament months ago and forgotten all about it, finally got to hang up the teacup ornament that she chose at Mount Vernon last April.

Ane's Mount Vernon teacup

I got to hang all the other ornaments that I picked up during our trip as well.  I had bought a commemorative Mount Vernon one…

Mount Vernon 2014 ornament

… and a replica of the Lincoln china pattern at Ford’s Theatre

Lincoln china mini plate ornament

… and an Army one from the Pentagon gift shop…

Army ornament

… and this one from Colonial Williamsburg.

Colonial Williamsburg ornament

I commented to the Webmaster that he thought I was crazy when I was buying these ornaments (him: “But did I ever tell you no?”), and I know that Ane thought I was nuts.  But she was as excited as I was to have them to hang on the tree and remind us of our trip.

And I finally got this ornament hung properly:

Thumper's baby ornament

No more strange baby’s picture on the tree!

The tree is up, my Winterberry dishes are out, and I am working on my Christmas cards….

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  1. Nana
    December 2nd, 2014 08:26

    Wonderful memorabilia! And you got me in the Christmas spirit!