Ane’s Birthday Bistro Lunch

Cramming all these holiday events plus birthday events into the two weeks that the cousins were here was a bit of a stretch.  It made Ane’s birthday a very long day.  We started with her annual portraits being taken at JC Penney’s (where they were running behind), and then we headed off to our lunch reservations at the American Girl Bistro with Little Cousin and Little Cowgirl and Ressis.

The girls at lunch

Each of the girls had their American Girl doll with them.  Little Cousin had her doll, Melody –

Little Cousin and Melody

Little Cowgirl had her doll, Ruthie –

Little Cowgirl and Ruthie

And Ane had Susan with her, of course.

Ane and Susan

The girls enjoyed that lunch.  I will say, the bistro has very good food at reasonable enough prices.  You may be paying a smidge more for the experience, but the food is quite good and you certainly get good service and lots of little perks.  The dolls all got to keep their cups and saucers, and the napkin “rings” as well (which are actually elastic ponytail holder bands with bows tied on them).  And because it was Ane’s birthday, we ordered a small dessert (since there would be birthday cake at the party that evening).  The girls got to share a set of mini ice cream cones.

All lit for Ane

Ane blew out the candles, of course, and the girls amicably split up the three cones (the mini cones came in chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry ice cream.  Little Cousin wanted the chocolate, Little Cowgirl wanted the vanilla, Ane took the strawberry, and everyone was happy).

Ice cream cheers

After lunch, the girls did some browsing and shopping – Little Cousin and Little Cowgirl had gift cards to spend, and I explicitly told Ane not to buy anything because she had birthday gifts coming that evening.  Plus, she can go shopping at American Girl anytime and her cousins can’t.

It was definitely a special birthday treat for Ane to have lunch with her cousins on her own!

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