Ane’s Family Party

So, there’s this video game that all the cool kids love.  It’s called Minecraft.  Ane is obsessed with it (this is why she was an Enderman for Halloween), and has hooked Tad and Rerun into at least knowing some of the characters in it.  This is why her birthday party theme was Minecraft, and why she wanted her birthday cake to look like a cake from the game.

Ane with her birthday cake

I know, it’s a strange looking cake, but she was thrilled with it.

Her birthday party was held after her birthday lunch with her cousins, and there was plenty of food!

Rerun surveys the spread

Another sign that Ane is getting older – she was enjoying sitting around, chatting, and eating, that she had to be told she should open her presents.

Time for presents!

Another sign she’s getting older – the presents are getting more sophisticated.

A new purse!

Of course, there was Minecraft stuff.

More Minecraft Legos

The necklace is a Minecraft diamond pendant.  (Cheaper than real diamonds!)

Wearing her new necklace

And her final gift was a surprise from myself and the Webmaster.

Surprise tickets!

She is reading a letter from us, telling her that we are taking her to see Alton Brown Live when his show comes to Seattle in February.  He’s only her favorite Food Network personality, and she owns two of his cookbooks.  We actually made her cry.  If only Auntie had been able to give Ane her birthday gift at the party (Auntie was committed elsewhere that evening), we might have been one-upped on our gift – Auntie is taking Ane to see Taylor Swift in concert in August.  Ane says she can’t decide which gift was her favorite.  I think it’s great that we can now give her things like tickets for concerts and shows, instead of stuff.  She really is growing up.

One happy 11 year old!

But you are never too old to enjoy birthday cake!

One Response to “Ane’s Family Party”

  1. Ressis
    January 7th, 2015 08:47

    I remember when she was called “the Munchkin” on this blog. She’s growing up too fast.