Domino Effect

Last Wednesday, Thumper threw up.

He happened to do it all over me and himself, in the parking lot of Trader Joe’s.  I had Ane and Rerun with me as well (Tad was at speech therapy), and while Rerun danced around, Ane helped me clean Thumper up and get him into clean clothes.  My shirt was a goner, though, and I finally had to just strip it off, put my coat on, and zip it up to my chin.  Because I’m mom, and that’s how I roll.

Thumper had a fever for the next couple of days, but didn’t throw up again, thankfully.  We didn’t really know what it was, but then Rerun spiked a fever on Saturday.  So both little boys stayed home with the Webmaster on Sunday, while I took the older two to church.

Rerun’s fever wasn’t going away, so I called him in sick on Monday for school.  And on Monday afternoon, I finally figured out what he meant when he kept saying “My mouth hurts.”

It wasn’t his mouth.  It was his throat.

And when I got a peek at his throat, with him saying “AHHH” with a tongue depressor and a flashlight, I just about fell over.  His tonsils were so huge and swollen that it was no wonder that he was barely eating anything but yogurt.

So, I got him an appointment at the pediatrician’s, and was preparing to take him in when Ane walked through the door, looking and feeling like death warmed over.  She registed a 103 degree temperature.

Make that TWO for the appointment, please.

Both strep cultures were negative, so the diagnosis was a viral tonsillitis.  Which probably means Thumper brought it home and gave it to his siblings.

I’m now eyeing Tad carefully, as he is the last kid standing.  He’s the only one who went to school yesterday, and there is no school today, so hopefully Ane can get over the worst of this without missing much more school.  Rerun’s teachers are at a conference for the rest of this week, so there was no school for him to miss after yesterday, anyway.

Still, what a mess.  It’s been a while since this kind of domino effect has happened around here.

2 Responses to “Domino Effect”

  1. linda
    May 6th, 2015 07:21

    Sending big hugs to everyone…I have personal memories of this nastiness.

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