Rerun Meets the ENT

Everyone remembers how the kids fell like dominos early last month with tonsillitis, right?

Well, last week I finally got Rerun in for his appointment with the Ear, Nose, and Throat doctor.  We had a few items on the agenda to discuss:
– Rerun’s large tonsils
– Rerun’s snoring
– The possible effect poor snoring sleep is having on his behavior

Well, all of my discussion questions went pretty much out the window when the doctor looked into his throat, and she started so visibly that if she had been a cartoon character, her eyes would have popped out of her head.

She looked at me and said, “Between the size of his tonsils and what you’re telling me about his snoring…. we should just take these out NOW.”

I raised my hand.  “Sold!”

Rerun will be having his tonsils and adenoids removed in July (I didn’t want him to miss school, and the doctor is going on vacation almost as soon as he gets out), and it will be an outpatient surgery – a quick trip to the surgery center at the hospital, and he’ll come home right after.  Recovery time should be about a week.  Unfortunately, this is the same kid who hates popsicles and generally dislikes ice cream, will only drink about half a milkshake, and doesn’t like juice.  (Of course this kid has to have a tonsillectomy – Murphy’s Law.)  So, I’m going to have to lay in a supply of his favorite Trader Joe’s yogurt cups.

Now, to get through two more weeks of school for Rerun…

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