Dreams Come True

Well, he finally got it.


Behold, the world’s happiest boy.  We used his gift card and money to order it during the week, and gave it to him on Saturday morning.  Ane should probably pay him for letting her join in the fun, because once she got to the Doctor Who level, she was shrieking and gleeful and laughing and screaming more than he was.

Tad regretfully packed it up on Sunday evening, and said wistfully, “I’ll play it again on Friday.”  (Our house rules state that the XBox can only be played on weekends, and Tad knows the rules.)

I’m sure that he will be telling all of his classmates the wonders of LEGO Dimensions and all the fun he had.  I hope he mentions that he bought it for himself, because we really aren’t the parents who go out and buy the latest video games!

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