LEGO Doctor Who Is All The Rage

This is my fault.  I can’t help it.  My children are genetically predisposed to be nerds.  I got Ane hooked on Doctor Who, and where she goes, the boys follow.  This happens to coincide with the fact that in Tad’s new LEGO Dimensions video game, there is a whole Doctor Who level.  So, not only are the kids watching the TV show, they are playing the video game.

And because LEGO knows how to separate me from money, they came out with additional packs of figures that can be used within the game.  A bunch of them are on Tad’s Christmas list, but Ane said, “I’m buying the Doctor Who one for myself!”

So she did.

Ane with her Doctor Who LEGO

She used a gift card that she was still holding on to, which made it quite affordable for her.  She was nice enough to let her brothers play with it within the video game and get to enjoy it as well.

Curse you, LEGO, will we never be free of you???


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