Retro Jammies

Why do my kids always pick up on pop culture that started decades before they were born?

At least Star Wars (Thumper), Batman (Tad), and Doctor Who (Ane) have all continued to stay current.

But then Rerun spots my very retro hand-me-down Pac-Man T-shirt (which I inherited from Gichan at some point), and since he LOVES playing Pac-Man on the XBox, he decided my shirt is the coolest thing ever.  So he started borrowing it for a nightshirt over the summer.  It is huge on him, but he doesn’t care.

But I started looking around online and in-stores for Pac-Man stuff, and was finding nothing.  Amazon seems to think I am interested in dead rappers when I’m looking for a video game character.

And then – sudden success!!!

Rerun's Pac-Man jammies

I just happened to find these while out shopping with Ane at our local Fred Meyer (sometimes I find the greatest stuff there), and I bought the largest size they had (4T – which still fits Rerun, because he’s a petite 5 1/2 year old).  He was OVER THE MOON about these, and I am the best Mom ever!  (For the next 12 hours, anyway.)

I guess I’d better place an order for these, because he’s going to want to keep this retro jammies thing going.  Or he’s going to take my shirt again.

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