Best-Laid Plans

It’s the big birthday month around here!  Both Rerun and Thumper have March birthdays, and Rerun definitely has his birthday on the brain.

Last year, when the Minions movie was the big deal, he decided he wanted his birthday theme to be Minions.  And since I plan ahead, and knowing that the decor would probably not be around in a year (cheaply, anyway), I picked up the basics – plates, napkins, cupcake liners, that sort of stuff.

A week ago, Rerun said to me, “Can I have a Pac-Man birthday?”

For the record, there is NO party decor available for Pac-Man.  That would be because Pac-Man was created THIRTY YEARS BEFORE RERUN WAS BORN.  And the reason he knows it is because we have it on the XBox as a “retro” game, which has led to his desire for Pac-Man pajamas, and now a Pac-Man party.

Fortunately, Auntie and I are crafty enough to make invitations and a cupcake display.

Thumper wants Star Wars.  I still have the Darth Vader cake pan.  I can throw a Star Wars party easily.

I wonder if someone will suddenly want a Minions party next year.  Tad already said he wants “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice” for his party theme.  (No, he will not be seeing the movie in theaters before we can screen it first.)

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