Christmas 2015 Recap: Part 1

We kicked it off on Christmas Eve.  The kids were allowed to open three presents apiece, and ones that came from very specific places.

Cousin Lolo sent each kid a Nerf gun, and gave myself and the Webmaster extra ammo.  We’ll be planning a battle soon.

Nerf war!

Our friends in Maui, Lisa and her brother T., and their parents sent us a Christmas box filled with aloha and treats.  The adults get the treats, the kids got the wrapped gifts.  And they know what Tad likes.

New shark shirt

Then the kids were allowed to each open a present from the Webmaster and myself.  I had found some really fun pajamas online, and decided that the older kids would all get new pajamas on Christmas Eve.  Thumper got a new-to-him pair of snowmen pajamas (and he did not care a bit that they were hand-me-downs from his brothers).

Rerun opened his first… and was thrilled with new and bigger Pac-Man pajamas.

Pac-Man pjs

Tad went next… and he got Peanuts pajamas.  I love the expression on his face.

Peanuts pjs

And then it was Ane’s turn.  And I knew it would blow her socks off.  She got Doctor Who pajama pants, and a T-shirt to wear with them.  (The T-shirt reads “Bow Ties Are Cool.”)

Doctor Who pjs

Once everyone had gotten their new pajamas on, and posed for a picture…

Christmas Eve!

… the Webmaster took Thumper off to bed, while the older three dealt with leaving out cookies and milk.

Cookies and milk? Check!

Thumper was not allowed to participate in this, because none of us wanted to deal with the temper tantrum that would have followed if cookies were left out, and he didn’t get one.  The boys took this VERY seriously.  Tad left a letter for Santa, just to make sure that he was covered.

Then they hustled off to bed, and the grown-ups weren’t far behind.

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