Nerd Mom, Nerd Kids

The older boys got new T-shirts.  Because I thought they would like them, and their sister got something new as well.

Doctor Who T-shirts! (Rerun absolutely flipped his lid over his.)

Nerd moment

Thumper doesn’t have one, because they really don’t carry them in toddler size (without being absurdly expensive).  And I’m wearing mine in this picture.  We were waiting for Ane to come out of the locker room at swimming.  She owns a couple of Doctor Who T-shirts, one of which she uses for sleeping.  And because the lounge pants that go with it (that she got for Christmas) are too warm for this time of year, she got Doctor Who boxer shorts to wear at bedtime.

Our nerd cred is firmly established these days.

One Response to “Nerd Mom, Nerd Kids”

  1. Ressis
    June 13th, 2016 03:06

    Rerun is getting so big!