Thirteen Cupcakes and Candles

Ane’s party was quite the bash, even if her mother was completely disorganized and barely got the food out on the table.  But the food was quite handily wiped out (having 10 kids at the party will tend to do that), and we got to the important part – opening presents.

Ane with presents

The pile looks smaller than it has been in years past – mostly because Ane has learned two things:
1) Good things come in small packages
2) Gift cards are awesome.

She did get some larger items, like this infinity scarf from Auntie and JW…


… and this very familiar sign from Obachan.  (Obachan uses a personal shopper.)


The little kids were a little angsty about not getting to open any presents.  The older ones could make the leap, but we had some grumpies from people under 7 (mostly Rerun).  Though Ane was nice enough to allow “help” from Thumper and Baby Cousin.


And the last gift was a big one.


The Webmaster and I have bought her tickets to go see Alton Brown again, when he comes to Seattle next March!

And then we got to the cupcakes (made by me, frosted and decorated by Grandma and Auntie) – lemon pound cake with lemon buttercream.


Thumper saw cupcakes and candles and performed a solo of “Happy Birthday” that was absolutely adorable.

Thumper sings!

I think she had a very successful party (though not the best organized at all.  I am completely discombobulated this year).

Candles lit!

On her actual birthday yesterday, she went to see “Rogue One” as a special treat with Grandma and Gichan, as part of their birthday present to her.  And we are planning a friend party sometime in January – she’s already decided it will be pizza and a movie at home, with the boys away, with all her closest friends.

2 Responses to “Thirteen Cupcakes and Candles”

  1. Nana
    December 28th, 2016 09:31

    We really enjoyed the party for our special teen! Connected with family we haven’t seen for awhile. Food was delicious 🙂 Sounds like she’s still celebrating.

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