Stitched Up

Ane’s slumber party went off well.  The boys’ planned party at Grandma’s… not so much.

I got a phone call about 15 minutes before the party was supposed to start.  It was Grandma, calling to tell me that Tad had just hit Rerun in the face with a cylindrical plastic container – which had no obvious sharp edges – and managed to give him a deep cut near his lip.  We decided to have her call the pediatrician’s office and see if Rerun needed to be seen by the doctor.

This all ended in the Webmaster, Grandma, and the boys spending a good chunk of their evening waiting at the pediatrician’s office to be seen, while I chaperoned Ane’s very small slumber party.

Because of the location of the cut, Rerun needed actual stitches, not glue.  The cut was too close to his lip, and when cuts are glued, they have to be kept dry.  There’s no chance of that near the mouth, so the poor boy got examined…

… and then got swaddled up in a fleece blanket to hold him still so the doctor could put in two stitches.  Both Grandma and the Webmaster had to help hold him down.  He had actually been okay up to this point, but being restrained got him all worked up.  When he emerged from the swaddling, post-stitching, he was a sweaty mess.

However, he recovered his usual good spirits quickly with a late pizza dinner at Grandma’s house.

(All the above photos are courtesy of the Webmaster’s phone.)

Tad understood to a certain extent that HE was the cause of all of this, though he certainly didn’t intend to give his brother stitches.  Poor Rerun is beginning to look like he walked into shrapnel.  He now has three different cuts in various stages of healing/scarring on his face – one from his sister (accident), one that he gave himself (accident) and now one from his brother (intentional hit).

When he got home late that night, I hugged my youngest for a very long time.  I was so sorry that my mom had had to deal with all of this, I felt horrible that my boy had needed me and I couldn’t get to him – even though I knew his Dad and Grandma had the situation well in hand, and while I was upset with Tad, I also knew that he had no intention of causing this much drama.

The stitches will be coming out on Thursday, and Rerun will get to see our regular pediatrician for the removal.  This time, I’ll get to hold him down.  The stitches themselves don’t seem to be bothering him any more, and we’re just keeping it clean and letting them do their work.  The Webmaster called him “Whiskers” last night while he brushed his teeth.  Poor kid.

I’ll post slumber party pictures tomorrow.  There was no blood or injuries involved at the party, just a lot of squealing and sugar.  I ended up with the better end of the deal on Friday.

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