Today would have been a Memory Lane day, but I’m canceling it in favor of breaking news.  Fortunately, nothing is broken.

But Rerun DID have to make an emergency trip to the pediatrician yesterday… because he gave himself another gash in the head.

He only looks happy in this picture because he’s looking up from the iPod.  This was taken on my cell phone while we were at the pediatrician’s office, waiting to be seen.

So, what did he do?  As far as I can tell, because I was in the bathroom when I heard the thud and cry, Rerun tripped and fell right into the foot of the kids’ rocking chair.  It opened up a half-inch, deep cut on his forehead that promptly swelled up in a knot.  He came running to me, crying and beginning to rub at his “owie” at the same time… which I stopped to prevent a big mess.

After blotting the cut and getting a look at it, I knew I should take him into the doctor’s office.  So, as I was giving him a dose of children’s ibuprofen, I got the pediatrician’s office on the line and finagled an appointment for 20 minutes later.  I packed Rerun up and we were off.

We actually saw the kids’ regular pediatrician – which was nice, since he knows the kids and our family – and between his opinion and the nurse’s, they agreed that we could probably get away with supergluing the owie together – which meant no stitches.  The glue will have to stay on for 10-14 days, and not get it soaking wet (we can wash his hair, but will need to blot the glue immediately to prevent it from getting too damp), and we can’t let him pick at it.

So, Rerun has a shiny spot on his forehead where the owie is, but it will heal up just fine.


Tad breaks bones, Rerun goes for head wounds.  I don’t want to imagine what Number Four will do to me.

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