Rerun Takes A Tumble

We were over at Friend and Doc’s on Sunday for dinner, and most of the kids were playing outside, when I heard Rerun begin to cry loudly.  I wasn’t too worried, until the Brain yelled, “Rerun is BLEEDING!”

Ane was trying to lead her brother inside when I came out, and he was bleeding.  He had several abrasions on his face, and one deep cut over his left eye, which was dripping blood.  Lovely.

I hustled him indoors and Friend began handing me cotton balls and Q-Tips and rubbing alcohol as the Webmaster and I began to clean him up.  The cut bothered me the most, since it was pretty deep.  However, all the adults present agreed that at most, it would be a stitch or two, and not any more than that, if we took him to urgent care or the ER.  In the end, after much debate, we applied a butterfly bandage to close the cut as tightly as possible, then placed a band-aid on top of it, gave him Tylenol and prayed that his “owie” (as he calls it) would heal up with minimal scarring.

As I was fussing over him, near to tears over my baby’s injuries, he reached up and patted me on the cheek and said, “It’s okay, Mama.”

We pieced together the chain of events that led to the trauma.  Ane told us that she was on the swing, and Rerun had come around from behind her and darted right in front of her as she swung.  She tried to stop, but she hit him and he went flying into gravel.  Which must have included one fairly sharp piece to give him such a deep cut.  Ane felt wretched, but we kept telling her that this was the very definition of an accident.

The butterfly bandage stayed on until last night at bath time, when I took it off to get a look at the cut.

It appears that the butterfly bandage has done its job and the cut is closed and healing.  We put a new band-aid on the owie and are hoping that everything continues to heal up.  He’s one tough little guy!

5 Responses to “Rerun Takes A Tumble”

  1. Ressis
    October 10th, 2012 01:38

    Poor Rerun! And poor Ane, too!

  2. Aunt Lynda
    October 10th, 2012 06:12

    When I saw the picture Eric posted on FB I thought it was the big brother. I didn’t know Rerun had so many teeth! With his face swolen, I didn’t recognize him. He must have hit that gravel really hard. So, so sorry.

  3. Webmaster
    October 10th, 2012 06:45

    Well, the reason he’s squinting is just him trying to do his cheesy grin. His face was surprisingly not swollen.

  4. Nana
    October 10th, 2012 07:00

    Hugs all ’round!!

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