December 2, 2016

Flashback Friday


We have four Fridays before Christmas.  I’ve decided to do flashbacks to each kid’s first Christmas.

Here’s Ane, with us in front of the tree for our annual Christmas morning picture, in 2004.

Christmas 2004

She was two days shy of her first birthday.  And I was already pregnant with Tad.

Ane looks SO little here, and the Webmaster and I look SO much younger.  Well, this was 12 years ago. (YIKES)

December 1, 2016

Kicking Off The Christmas Season!


Lights, Camera… Christmas!!!


Our church has kicked off its annual Christmas Lights show, and we had a friend take a shot of us (on the Webmaster’s phone) in the candy cane tunnel.  Or as Tad calls it, “the portal to Christmas.”

It’s a great picture of all of us except Thumper – who pretty much refused to do any looking at a camera when lights are dancing and singing.

How is it December 1st already???

November 30, 2016

The Reindeer Have Landed


Right near the art studio where Tad has his lessons – which is in the middle of a small shopping center/antique mall/local landmark – there is a fabric store.  Every year, the open field next to the fabric store gets some extra fencing, and two reindeer move in!

This thrilled the kids tremendously.

Rerun finds a reindeer

The only problem is that it gets dark so early, so we can only see them well before art lessons (when we have less time, because we’re usually running against the clock) instead of after.  Still, it’s such a fun thing to say hi to the reindeer once a week!

November 29, 2016

Art of the Week – Polar Bear Sculpture


This was the second part of a two-part lesson on three dimensions and sculpting.  In part one, the class created the armature of a polar bear out of aluminum foil.  Tad showed me his foil form last week, but it wasn’t camera ready.

Yesterday, the sculpting began.  And WOW, did Tad take to sculpting!

Tad and his polar bear

I was blown away by just how much he “got” the concept of 3D, of textures, of proportions, and even little details.

Up close

The shape of the head, and the eyes, nose, and mouth are all great…. and the ears!  The ears look like real ears!

Even closer

Tad has seen polar bears at Point Defiance, so I think he has a realistic sense of what a polar bear does look like.  But still.  His teacher was really impressed with him.

And this really was what I was hoping to get out of art lessons for Tad.  He loves drawing, and I knew he would enjoy painting.  But sculpting with clay?  He’s done some small school projects, and played with Play-Doh, but nothing that indicated that he grasped the concept like this.  But I really wanted him to experiment with different mediums, just so we could see what else he might be able to do.

I guess we just found out!