September 28, 2016

Art of the Week – Van Gogh


From Tad’s Monday art class….

Van Gogh

Apparently, they do a little art appreciation in the class as well.  They learned about Vincent van Gogh this week, and then replicated his self-portrait.  The kids cut out his head, glued it on the page, and then colored in the background and his clothes.  Tad says they used baby oil to blend colors, but I’m not exactly sure what medium they used.  I think it was some kind of watercolor.  The black lines are all Sharpie, so they wouldn’t bleed.

Ane was pleased, as Van Gogh is her favorite painter – mostly because she learned all about him in an episode of Doctor Who.

Have I mentioned how much Tad loves his art class?

September 27, 2016

One Fish, Two Fish


Thumper, like Tad before him, loves memorizing books.  Thumper has become particularly fond of Dr. Seuss, and all the e-books that we have on the iPad.

Which means that when you hand him a real book, he will read it aloud to you.

Thumper reads to Daddy

His current favorite is “One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish,” but the first book he learned to recite was “The Cat in the Hat.”

We need to add a few more e-books to the iPad for him!

September 26, 2016

Learning the Colors


Thumper has made some significant progress in being able to identify colors in the last couple of weeks.  This has happened with the combined efforts of his three therapists, and myself and Ane, and M&Ms.

Yes, that’s right.  Actually, we’ve been using the Trader Joe’s “candy coated chocolate drops” – same thing, slightly different hues (they use food based dyes for the colorful candy shells, which means they aren’t quite as vivid as real M&Ms).

Ane and Thumper work on colors

Learning your colors is much more fun when there’s a sweet bribe involved!

September 23, 2016

Flashback Friday


While we are desperately hoping for a post-season appearance by the Mariners this year, the Webmaster pointed out that these pictures from Safeco Field were taken 4 years ago.

Look how little these kids are!

The Brain and Head pay no attention while Ane smiles for the camera

Head and Ane

Tad at the game

Rerun wasn’t even at this game (thanks to some babysitting from Grandma and Gichan), but Thumper was there… because I was pregnant with him!

This feels like a lifetime ago.

Oh, and GO MARINERS!!!