December 6, 2019

Flashback Friday


I handed Rerun these two quilted soft tree-shaped ornaments when we started dividing up the ornaments.  “These are yours,” I told him.

He stared at them skeptically.  “They are?”

“Yes,” I said.  “They were your favorite ornaments your very first Christmas.”

“They were?”

“Yes, they were.  So they are yours.”

“Oh.  Okay.”

December 5, 2019

Let The Baking Begin


Here we go.  I’m elbow deep in dough and cookie cutters, and I’ve got a list of multiple cookies to make.

I’ve tried a new recipe for Eggnog Snickerdoodles, and while I don’t like eggnog (and haven’t sampled these at all), they’ve gotten good reviews from others!

And I’ve got the marble slab out, so I’m rolling and cutting my shortbread trees.

And of course, there is fudge.

And my quality assurance tester, who is always on the job, assures me that everything is up to standard.

Good to know.

December 4, 2019

Oh Santa! 2019


It was time for our annual visit to Santa Claus!  Thumper, just like last year, walked right up to Santa without any fear.  He likes Santa’s soft red suit.

The kids behaved very well, and while Thumper isn’t as smiley as he could be, he sat down with Santa after to watch “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse” on Disney+ while I was buying the pictures.

And now this picture has taken its rightful place along the others!  My shelves are getting full….

December 3, 2019

2019 Christmas Ornaments


This year, the Webmaster and I went shopping together to pick out the kids’ new ornaments.  It’s probably pretty obvious who got what.

Ane has pretty much outgrown her “cupcake” phase – though she still loves them, she’s not quite as obsessed with them.  But the ornament series keeps on going!

Tad, of course, will collect all the LEGO Batman ornaments until they no longer make them.  This year, he got Robin.  Tad hung LEGO Batman near by.

In honor of his Halloween costume, Rerun got Santa Spider-Man.

And even though this was pricey, I knew we had to get it for Thumper.  It even lights up!

I knew he really is the only one of my kids who would geniunely appreciate an Enterprise from “Star Trek: The Motion Picture” – and I was right!

The kids were all in a clamor for getting the tree decorated.  There was a little more chaos this year, and Thumper pretty much walked away right after hanging up the Enterprise.  Still, it got done in one evening, and the kids are satisfied with how everything looks.