July 19, 2018

Getting Our Steps In


The current pedometer app that I have on my phone is weirdly finicky, but I got lots of steps in today.

Mostly because this little boy is so dang happy while he’s riding the escalator, and then walking back down the stairs.

We spent a solid 40 minutes doing this before his ABA session yesterday.

I’ve got to figure out how many steps that was, because I can feel it in my legs!

July 18, 2018



A real door!  To make a real room!


And notice all that real trim going in???  It’s almost like these rooms are being finished off!!  And there’s a door covering the little hot water tank closet!

Speaking of finishing things off – the vinyl floor for the laundry room has been selected, and we are now awaiting carpet samples to make a decision between two different shades for the bonus room.

July 17, 2018

Playing With Paint


Advantages of being an adult – you can paint on the walls and no one yells at you.

However, Tad and Rerun definitely were a smidge awed by the simple fact that Mom was busting out the paint samples and going for it, right there on the wall.

Anyway, I got four samples and then had to make a decision, without inadvertently starting a massive debate online about everyone else’s favorite colors.  And barely anyone reads this blog anymore, right?  Ha ha ha!

After watching the paint dry (and it’s warm enough to do that quickly), I texted Auntie to get her opinion on colors.  I painted the squares next to the silk screen hanging that I inherited from Obachan (which is what I am decorating the room around), which needed a warmer shade of green than the cooler shade we have had for years in the master bedroom (I think this shade was called “cucumber mint” when I picked it, oh, nearly 14 years ago – Ane was a baby in an exersaucer when we painted the master bedroom).  I think we have come to a decision, but everyone will just have to wait and see!

And I’m pretty sure I know what shade I want for the laundry room.  No samples needed!

July 16, 2018

Lunch At The Office


Thumper is keeping an odd schedule while his older brothers are at camp.  There’s lots of time in the car (which is definitely not his favorite thing unless an iPad is involved), and lots of time with Mama.

And on Fridays, he gets a double session at the autism center, with a break for lunch.  Here we see Thumper in his natural habitat, the waiting room:

He pretty much thinks we live here.  It’s as much home-away-from-home as Grandma and Gichan’s house, or church.