February 19, 2019

At Least We Can Leave The House


Day 2 of Mid-winter break.

We can leave the house, thankfully.  Ane is babysitting over the next few days and making some $$$ right now.  More than her mother, anyway.  I should charge her for gas.

The boys are busy trying to con me into as much Xbox time as possible.

Fortunately, we have something happening every single day, which is good.  The older boys even got an extra swimming lesson in yesterday (which was VERY nice), and Tad finally got back to art class and started a new sculpture project.  His art teacher pushed him a little, and this will NOT be a shark.

Meanwhile, the world outside is slushy and icy and dirty.

The minivan desperately needs a bath.

I need more coffee.

February 18, 2019

Someone Loves The Snow The Most


Thumper fully believed that his new reality was cookies and iPad. All the time.

He was sort of shocked when a therapist showed up to actually work with him on Friday.

But that didn’t stop him from suiting up – and informing us of what he wanted.

“Go outside?”


This is happiness. For him.

We need to build a hill for him to sled down the next time it snows this much. Mama and Daddy are feeling it when we have to be the mush dogs.

Though we did teach him how to say “Mush, Daddy!” which was really cute.

February 15, 2019

Flashback Friday


And that’s it.  No school at all this week.  No school next week, thanks to midwinter break.

All this “family togetherness” might kill us.

Oh, for warm beaches and sunshine…

It’s a little too late to plan to spend next week in Hawaii, right?

February 14, 2019

We Were Ready For Nothing


Today is Valentine’s Day.  If there had been school today, there would have been parties and cards and all that jazz.

Once we knew school was canceled yesterday, I made sure that the valentines for the little boys’ classes were assembled and ready for a Friday party.  JUST IN CASE.

So, of course, school has been canceled for tomorrow.

See what being prepared brings?  DISAPPOINTMENT.

And next week is midwinter break.  I have no idea if there will be a Valentine party on – *checks calendar* – February 25th, when these guys are finally supposed to go to back to school.

It was a long winter in Anatevka…