September 13, 2019

Flashback Friday


It has been four years since we bought the bunk bed, hoping that this would be a workable short-term solution to our rooming issues.

Look how happy Rerun and Thumper were about their new beds.

And we thought, “okay, this is just temporary until we can get the house remodel done!”

Oh, what fools we were.

It only took a little under FOUR YEARS to get everyone where we promised them they would eventually go.

In retrospect, I might have voted for moving instead.  (Easier said than actually finding a new house, of course.)

September 12, 2019

New High-Tech Toy


Tad is absolutely in love with his new drone.  It really is a cool toy – it’s the 21st century version of a remote-control toy car!

This was his birthday present from Hannibal and Q-Bee, and I had to text Hannibal to tell him that Tad had figured out how to make the drone do an aerial flip.  He’s now also figured out how to make it spin.  Rerun loves it, too, and Thumper is cautiously fascinated.

The only downside to the fun it that because it is a small drone, it has a small battery.  The battery life is about 8 minutes long.

But that’s okay, because now Tad is dreaming of flying a bigger drone someday….

September 11, 2019

Eighteen Years Later


Tad came home from school today.  He has US History this year, and I wondered if they would say anything about 9/11.

“Mom, we watched two YouTube videos today in history.”


“There were airplanes that flew into the World Trade buildings, and they fell down.  And they rebuilt one new tower.  But they shoot up big light beams on this day.  And there was an airplane that hit the Pentagon, and that fell down.”

“No, it didn’t.  The Pentagon is still there.  They rebuilt it.”

“They did?”

“Yeah, when we went to Washington DC, Dad and Ane and I went to the Pentagon with Uncle Hannibal, and he gave us a tour.”

“He did?”

“Uh-huh.  Dad and Ane and I went to the 9/11 Memorial Chapel at the Pentagon and signed the visitors’ book.”

“How come I didn’t get to go?”

“Because you were almost nine, so you were still little.”

“Well, where was I when you went to the Pentagon?”

“You and your brothers stayed with Aunt Q-Bee that day, and played with your cousins.”

“Oh yeah, I remember that.”

It’s a beginning.  Never Forget.

September 10, 2019

Tuesday Treks


With Tad now officially done with individual ABA, my Tuesday afternoon drives are a whole lot quieter.  Why?  Because I only have Thumper in the car with me.

We have two home sessions and one clinic session each week for this school year, and so, every Tuesday afternoon, I pick Thumper up and we toodle off to Seattle.  I could probably drive it in my sleep.  I have a favorite Starbucks drive-thru (where some of the baristas recognize me).  Once we are at the Autism Center, I have two hours in the waiting room to do my own thing while Thumper is working.

And then we pack up, and fight rush hour traffic most of the way home (until we can get to the side streets).

I miss having Tad in the car to talk to, because some of our best talks happened there.  I guess those will just have to wait for Wednesdays, when we drive to speech.

And happy birthday to Nana – who is enjoying the sights and sounds of Hawaii on her special day!