October 7, 2019

Fall Sunshine At The Park


We arranged for a “playdate” (is it still a playdate when you’re 14?  I guess so) for Tad and a friend of his at a local park on Sunday afternoon.  Because it was such spectacular weather (and who knows how many more of these days we’ll have), I brought Rerun and Thumper along as well.  Tad’s friend has a younger sister who used to be in Rerun’s class, and they get along fairly well – well enough to play nicely together.

Which left Thumper, who has been working all summer long on figuring out how to push himself on his scooter.  I took it along to the park because I don’t want those skills to completely atrophy during the wet and chilly months ahead.

Thumper isn’t super speedy (which is a good thing for me), but he enjoyed the practice (hurray for three-wheeled scooters) and the fresh air and sunshine.  After scootering for a while, he joined the older kids on the playground and did a whole ton of climbing, proving yet again that his gross motor skills and his sense of balance are pretty on point for his age.

And then when bedtime rolled around, he promptly crashed.  Surprise!

*sigh*  I’m really going to miss the nice weather.

October 4, 2019

Flashback Friday


It’s the first Friday of October!  Time to look down memory lane at Halloweens of years past.

Oh my goodness, who are those tiny munchkins???  This is from 2007.

Ane wanted to be a ballerina that year, and Tad wasn’t talking enough at the time to express a preference, and I found this costume in his size on the sale rack at Gymboree, just a week or so before Halloween.  (A moment of silence for Gymboree.)  I did have a backup costume, but I decided to just go with it.  We even borrowed a foam sword from Friend and Doc.

Aww, those were the good old days when you could just put a kid in a costume, and they didn’t care what it was, so long as there was candy involved.

By the way, happy birthday, Doc!  I will be making cake soon!

October 3, 2019

Tad Rants, Rerun Speaks


Occasionally, Tad will get really annoyed with his younger brothers.  They get into his stuff, they bother him, he bothers them back – you know, all the basic complaints of any sibling.

Well, on Tuesday night, Tad was fed up.  And he began ranting at me.  “WHY do I have three brothers??” he demanded.

I raised an eyebrow and corrected his math.  “You have two brothers. Ane has three brothers.”  (This has been a frequent miscount on his part – he thinks “three boys” and translates it to “three brothers.”)

But never let it be said that Tad let math get in the way of a good rant.  “WHY does Ane have three brothers??” He then gave me a dirty look. “She only wanted ONE.”

Rerun then piped up, smugly: “Yeah, ME.”

Mic drop.

October 2, 2019

Art Of The Week – Pumpkin Still Life, Part 2


Tad finished his still life painting!

I do like that he chose to paint the more uniquely colored pumpkin, but I do feel like he rushed the paint a bit – you can see where it isn’t as clean on the lines as he could have made it.  But he apparently wanted to jump into his next project – the class is going to be sculpting “fruit with a face.”  Tad already got started, but no pictures until next week!