May 24, 2018

Man Down


Didn’t even make it through dinner.

He’s been sleeping REALLY hard lately, and even putting himself down for naps.  I wonder if there’s a growth spurt involved.

May 23, 2018

Raise the Roof – Or At Least Stabilize It


The more work the contractors do, the more amazed I am that we let the garage sit in this condition for so stinking long.  It’s been amazing to see the amount of crap being pulled off, to reveal that the house has decent bones, but the clothes had all gotten shoddy and yucky.

Anyway, in the current progress, the single paned (yes, really) window that was next to the washer and dryer was removed.  The new window will be smaller, with privacy glass, for the mudroom/laundry room.  It’s now boarded up on the outside.

The roof needed some serious support.  We don’t have much of an attic, thanks to the pitch of the roof (and the roof is torchdown as well, not a traditional shingle), but it needed some help.  The house was built in 1965, and we’d like to see it last another 50 years if needed.  So the roof got stabilized.  We also gained a little height to the ceiling with this repair!  A whole whopping couple of inches, but still.

And the new window for the bonus room is a little more clearly marked – it’s going to be a large window, 5 feet by 5 feet.  We are going to need to invest in some good blackout blinds for it.  There is a temporary post in it right now, just to secure the plywood that boards everything up at the end of each day right now.

There is Visqueen on the cement floor of the soon-to-be-former garage now, in prep for the eventual floor buildup to put the new rooms on level with the current ones.

And the work goes on, continually upsetting Tad every time he’s reminded of it.

May 22, 2018

Playing Cor-ket


Rerun: “Mom, where’s our cor-ket set?”

Me: (pauses, tries to figure out what he is saying) “Do you mean croquet?”

Rerun: “Yeah, that!”

I finally located said set in the old shed, after much searching and some climbing.  Rerun happily set up wickets and pounded a stake with a mallet.

Rerun: (quoting) “‘Cor-ket is a gentleman’s game.'”

Me: “Where did you hear that???”

Rerun: “Calvin and Hobbes.”

My child, making Calvin and Hobbes references over 20 years after the strip came to an end.  What a ham.  And no, he never did pick up on how to say “croquet.”

Between this, and Tad reading the word “bouquet” last week as “bon-queet,” it’s clear that my kids are not meant to speak French.  Right now, they would probably make the B Squad, who are currently living in Canada, die of laughter.

May 21, 2018

Garage Is Gutted, Almost


Two days worth of demolition and change.

By the time the guys left on Friday afternoon, they had framed in the door with studs, and then boarded it up for the weekend.  This is what it looked like from the inside.

The guys were wearing protective gear and masks as they ripped out old yucky insulation and drywall.  It was a very loud process.

I promise not to make the blog entirely all “home improvement” posts while this is happening, but it’s been such a long time coming that it’s pretty exciting!