October 19, 2018

Flashback Friday


With every milestone they hit, I wonder…

… how did they go from this…

… to this??

I couldn’t be more pleased that these two have been friends for over eleven years already, and now Ane and Lina will get to build their high school memories together as well.

October 18, 2018

A Sincere Pumpkin Patch


When the POD was removed from the front yard, it left a rectangular patch of dead grass.

Rerun saw it and said, “We should make our own pumpkin patch!”

We’ve slowly been accumulating some pumpkins for our “patch,” and I couldn’t resist snapping a picture of Thumper this morning on the way to the bus stop, considering his outfit.

Rerun said the patch needed a sign, so Gichan was commissioned to make one.  I’m told Auntie helped.  We’ll be getting it soon!  We’ve acquired a few more pumpkins, so while it’s not a “full” patch, it is definitely sincere – and it will be a lot of fun as a lawn decoration.

October 17, 2018

At The Swim Meet


Swim team has been an amazing experience for Ane (4:30 am wake-up calls aside), and we are so proud of her effort.

I finally got to go to a meet last week – the Webmaster got the boys off the bus – so I could see her in action for myself.

She has her events, heats, and lanes written on her arm for this meet.

Her coach just told her yesterday that she wants her to swim in the big multi-district-wide meet at the end of the month in a relay!  We’re so excited for her, and that she’ll get to have this kind of experience as a freshman.

October 16, 2018

Art of the Week – Still Life, Again


Doing a good still life painting is a skill.  Tad’s new teacher, Teacher M, is absolutely amazing at still life (some of her pieces are up at the studio) and it was the first major “project” the class was going to do.

Each kid assembled a little collection of toys, fruit, animal figures, or other objects that could be composed into a picture.

You’ll never guess what Tad included in his still life.

The top figures are a fox smoking a pipe, and a cat, with a spoon, all balanced on top of a cup, with a shark lurking below.  Tad accidentally clipped the fox’s ear a bit when he was painting the background, but still.

One of the other teachers who Tad knows, Teacher J, was in the adult painting class last night working on her own piece, and asked how Tad was doing.  I told her I thought he was doing well, but I wished he would take more time to complete his pieces, instead of trying to rush through them each week.  She nodded and said, “Well, all the kids do that.”

Someday, I hope Tad develops enough patience to really put some thought and time into his work.  He’ll get there.