August 16, 2017

Beating The Spectrum With Technology


Thumper really hates haircuts.  He generally does okay with them, simply because we haven’t given him a choice to skip them – and the stylists at our salon are extremely tolerant of him.  Seeing as a good majority of them have known him since he was born.

But we’ve finally hit upon a workable way to get him to be calm (as in, not screeching his head off) while getting a haircut.

So, to the creators of YouTube, the iPad, and wi-fi, thank you.

Thanks to your inventions, Rae is able to cut Thumper’s hair while he giggles at Bad Piggies cartoons.  And because she moves fast, this was over in less than 15 minutes.

And now he is less fluffy, and everyone’s eardrums are still intact.  It was a win for everyone!

August 15, 2017

Bubbles, Air Hockey, And Jumping


Tad’s party at Pump It Up was a success!

We had a few less kids than last year, and they definitely run the gamut of ages.  But they all had fun!

From Littlelyn, who is 17 months…

… to the older kids like Danny, Head, the Brain, and Ane.

The birthday boy loved every minute of it.

And he loved the cupcakes that I had made.

We had pizza and snacks after the jumping was over.

Because the secret to a really great birthday party is pizza, of course!

And then there was cake…

… and presents!

There were a couple of presents to open, and a lot of gift cards.  People know that Tad likes to save up gift cards to get big LEGO sets and things like that.

And since everyone left happy, I call the party a success!

And speaking of birthdays, today is Gichan’s!  Happy birthday, Gichan!

August 14, 2017

Seventeen Years


Even though our wedding anniversary and Tad’s birthday share the same date, this year the Webmaster and I decided to just do something for ourselves.

How nice of the Mariners to decide to throw a party for Edgar Martinez all weekend, and we invited ourselves.

Grandma and Gichan watched the kids for us, so it was a child-free evening!  (Grandma even made brownies for Tad’s birthday.)  Unfortunately, the Mariners didn’t get the memo and got swept this weekend.  (PULL IT TOGETHER, BULLPEN.)

Happy anniversary, Webmaster!

August 12, 2017

Twelve Years Old


Dear Tad,

Today you are TWELVE.  You are 12 years old on the 12th – this is your “golden birthday,” and you’ve already had so much birthday fun with your friends.  As frustrating as it was to try and get a hold of your school friends to try and invite them to your party yesterday, it was sincerely gratifying that you had built these friendships and wanted to share your birthday with these friends.  (Next year, we’ll plan ahead a little better and get contact information BEFORE school ends.)

You keep growing taller, and you really do look like a young man.  Until you slouch and give me a silly grin.  Then I know that inside, you’re still just a little kid, still trying to figure life out.

And you’re on the verge of some big changes.  You cried so hard at the end of the school year, when you had to leave your beloved elementary school and the teacher relationships that you’d built up for five years.  Even the promise of a school year with best friend Danny isn’t enough, when you are leaving everything you know behind.  When we drive past your new middle school, you sigh loudly.  “I miss my OLD school,” you say pointedly.  Every time.  I wish you could have had one more year there, but you are getting caught up in the tidal wave of grade changes.  I promise you that we will make the best of it, even if I’m nearly as stressed as you are with this jump to middle school.

Summer camp was really good for you, in that regard, because you walked in knowing no one – except your brother, and you weren’t together – and you left five weeks later with tears in your eyes, saying good-bye to the counselors who had been coaches, cheerleaders, instructors, and buddies – the same counselors who voted you “most likely to become a shark expert.”  I know you will do the same with middle school, if everything that we’ve been promised in your IEP comes to pass, and you get a schedule that doesn’t stress you out too much.

But even with things changing, many things will stay the same.  You will get to start art class again soon.  You still have swimming lessons.  You still have a lot of work to do in speech and ABA.

And I know that as you go forward, you will continue to just be yourself, charming all who meet you along the way, with your vast and arcane knowledge of sharks and your passion for all things Batman.  You’re growing so fast, and yet there are some things that are just unchangeable about you.  And I love you dearly for that.

Happy 12th birthday, Tad!