Up late last night…

but with good reason! Patricia Heaton of “Everybody Loves Raymond” was on the Tonight Show talking about the impending end of the show (no official date yet, but this is the last season) and her recent stint doing her civic duty – jury duty. It was extremely funny to hear her talk about it – first of all, no one recognized her (which poked huge holes in her ego) and second, it was a civil, small-claims suit over a bad drywall patch job. She is a really funny person who I truly respect.

Anyway, with two of my favorite shows ending this year – “Raymond” and “Enterprise” – the Webmaster and I have been presented with the opportunity to cut even more TV out of our lives. Our evening TV watching became nearly non-existant after Bryan Suits came back on the air at KVI from 6-9 pm – we record things and watch them after the Munchkin goes to bed. Of course, with Mariner games back on, I guess we’ll be watching the games at low volume so we can keep listening.

But with two more shows leaving our list of “must-watch” TV, that leaves us with “American Chopper” on Mondays, “Scrubs” and “American Idol” on Tuesdays (and “American Idol” is only on for part of the year), and “ER” on Thursdays (and I am seriously getting tired of the old reused plotlines in “ER” but I can’t seem to quit at the moment). And I don’t think that I can commit to another show (this does not include the Food Network, where I can watch most of the shows all of the time – LOVE “Iron Chef” and “Iron Chef America”) during the week, especially with Munchkin #2 on his way and middle-of-the-night TV is all I will be watching. Back to watching “The O’Reilly Factor” at 1 am. I hope “Iron Chef” is still on at 3 am. Guess I’ll figure it out in August.

One Response to “Up late last night…”

  1. efish
    April 7th, 2005 14:55

    The Webmaster will be watching Battlestar Galactica with glee when it returns in August 😉